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Eddie Cotton
One At A Time

D'Mar & Gill
Take It Like That

Various Artist's
"Keeping the Blues Alive Vol. 9"

Liz Mandeville, Mary Lane
and Shirley Johnson
w/Johnny Drummer & the Starliters

"Angels Sing The Blues"

Tommy McCoy
"25 Year Retrospect"

Lynwood Slim
"Hard To Kill"

Christian Collin
"Spirit Of the Blues"

Barry Levenson
"The Visit"

April Mae & The June Bugs with Mike Mettalia
"Grease It Up & Go"

Johnny Riley
"Crossroads Of My Life"

Reggie Wayne Morris
"Don't Bring Me Daylight"

Mr. Sipp
"The Mississippi Blues Child"

Various Artist's
Keeping the Blues Alive Vol. 8

Madison Slim
"Close But No Cigar"

Little Freddie King
"Messin' Around Tha Living Room"

Mark Telesca
"Heavy Breathing"

Jon Spear Band
"Old Soul"

Breezy Rodio
"So Close To It"

Bobby Blackhat Walters
"Hot Blues Mess"

Laura Cheadle
"Where the Blues Hangs Out"

Celso Salim Band
"To The End Of Time"

Big N' Tasty Blues Band
"Self Titled"

Chuck Strong & SRBQ
"It's About Time"

Duffy Bishop
"Find Your Way Home"

"All Rivers Run To The Sea"

Galloway & Kelliher
"Wild Dogs"

D. A. Foster
"The Real Thing"

Shaun Murphy

Matthew Robinson & The Jelly Kings
"Work That Jelly"

Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers
"Love Whip Blues"

Various Artists
"Keeping the Bliues Alive
Volume Seven"

Dave Sadler


Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce

Howard And The White Boys
"Rosa's Lounge"

Bobby "Hurricane" Spencer
"Hurricane Unleashed"

Benny Turner

Various Artists
"The Healing Blues"

Grady Champion
"Bootleg Whiskey"

Kenny Acosta
"Justice Blues"

Generation Blues Experience
"Private Angel"

Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners
"Good Music"

Blind Lemon Pledge

The Knickerbocker All-Stars
"Open Mic At The Knick"

Dave Specter
"Message In Blue"

The Silvertones
"Silvertone Avenue"

Carmen Grillo
"A Different World"

Johnny Drummer
"Bad Attitude"

Back Porch Blues Band
"One More Before You Go"

Allen-Lamun Band
"All In The Numbers"

Li'l Ronnie & the BlueBeats
featuring Claudia Carawan

"unfinished business"

Big Al And The Heavyweights
"Sunshine On Me"

Mick Kolassa
"Michissippi Mick"

"Wanted Woman"

Terry Davidson & The Gears
"Sonic Soul Sessions"

Shaun Murphy
"Cry Of Love"

Joe "Survival" Caruso
"I Gotta Tell Somebody"

Root Doctor
"New Attitude"


Tough Deal
"Don't You Fold"

Bill Blue

Buck 69
"No Medicine Like The Blues"

Herbie D And the Dangermen
"Dangerous With Blues"

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
"The Blues Don't Scare Me"

Georgie Bonds
"Stepping Into Time"

Connie Hawkins and the BluesWreckers
"Wired Up And Fired Up"

Little Mike & The Tornadoes
"Forgive Me"

Jeff Jensen
"Road Worn and Ragged"

"Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Original Blues"

Mr. Sipp
"It's My Guitar"

Big Daddy Wilson
"I'm Your Man"

Little Jonny And the Giants
"We Got It Goin' On"

Lara & The Bluz Dawgz
"Devil Moon"

Teeny Tucker
"Voodoo To Do You"

Lisa Lim
Self Titled CD

Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings
(I Like it When They) "Call Me Big Daddy"

Jook Bourke
"Up All Night"

Eric Hughes Band
"Drink Up"

King King
"Standing In The Shadows"

"Tangled Road Again"

The Healers
"Live At Knuckleheads"

The Cazanovas
"Just Getting By"

Donald Ray Johnson
"These Blues/
The Best Of Donald Ray Johnson"

Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce
"Got My Eye On You"

Long Tall Deb
"Raise Your Hands"

"Black Satin Blues"

The Red Wagons Blues Band
"Jumpin With Friends"

Brandon Santini
"This Time Another Year"

Andre' Bisson
"Till The Real Thing Comes Along"

Andrew "Jr Boy" Jones
"I Know What It's Like"

Pam Taylor
"Hot Mess"

Kevin Selfe
"Long Walk Home"

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
"Good Times"

The King Bees
"Carolina Bound"

Shaun Murphy
"Ask For The Moon"


James "Buddy" Rogers
"My Guitar's My Only Friend"

Various Artists
"Keeping The Blues Alive, Vol. Two"

Danny Brooks
"Texassippi Soul Man"

"ColdtrainBlues II: Funkin' Da Blues"

Patrick McLaughlin
"Self Titled CD"

Mike Mettalia & Midnight Shift
"Midnight Sun"

Mark Sells
"Missin' You"

LI'L RONNIE and the Grand Dukes
"Gotta Strange Feeling"

Various Artists
"Keeping The Blues Alive, Vol. One"

Rita Chiarelli
"Music From The Big House"

"Girl Of My Dreams"

South Florida's Outstanding Guitarists
"Showcasing The Blues / Volume 3"

Mama Groove
"How Mama Got Her Groove Back"

Mike Goudreau and the Boppin' Blues Band
"20 Years Of Bop & Blues"

Lisa Mann

Darren Jay & The Delta Souls
"Drink My Wine"

Bobby "BlackHat" Walters
"Blues On Cardboard"

Amanda Broadway
"Me Without You"

Dan Sinasac
"Goin' Back"

Ellen Whyte
"Four Way Stop"

Little Freddie King
"Chasing tha Blues"

John Pippus
"Wrapped Up In The Blues"

Suze Lanier-Bramlett
"Swamp Cabaret"

Jeff Stone
"3 Faces Of The Blues"

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