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Laurie Morvan

Laurie Morvan
Screaming Lizard Records
Publicity: Blind Raccoon

Reverend Raven

Reverend Raven &
The Chain Smokin' Altar Boys
Twentieth Anniversary
The Blues Wreckers
"My Life"


Johnny Tucker
"Seven Day Blues"

Mike Mettalia

Mike Mettalia & Midnight Shift
"Crescent Moon Deluxe"

Shawn Amos

The Reverend Shawn Amos
"The Reverend Shawn Amos Breaks It Down"

CDEricHughes John

The Eric Hughes Band
"Meet Me In Memphis"



Connie Hawkins And
The Blues Wreckers
"Cryin'In The Rain"

CDScreamin John

Screamin' John & TD Land
"Gimme More Time"

CDKings & Associates1

Kings & Associates
"Tales Of A Rich Girl"


Al Corte'

Chris Daniels

Chris Daniels and The Kings
"Blues With Horns-Vol 1"

Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy
"Mighty Gates"

Percy Fairweather1

with The Winters Brothers Band
""Reign Of Blues"

Kenne Cramer

Kenne Cramer
"All Day Long"

Wee Willie Walker

Wee Willie Walker
"After A While"

Vanessa Collier

Vanessa Collier
"Meeting My Shadow"


"Outside Ourselves"

Benny Turner

"My Brother's Blues"

Altered Five Blues Band

Altered Five Blues Band
"Charmed & Dangerous"

Jon Spear Band

The Jon Spear Band
"Hot Sauce"


"Devil Don't Care"

Greasy Gravy

Greasy Gravy
"When The Game Is On"

Andrew Jr Boy Jones

Andrew Jr Boy Jones
"It's Me Again"

Kerrie Lepai

Kerrie Lepai
"Organic Blues"


Bobby G
"Still Standing"


Roots and Dore
"The Blues And Beyond"


Michael Packer
"I Am The Blues"

Karen Lovely

Karen Lovely
"Fish Outta Water"


The Blue Shadows
"Blue Shadows"

Patrick Recob

Patrick Recob
"Perpetual Luau"

Darryl Ellyson

Darryl Ellyson
"Been Out Traveling"


Micki Free
"Tattoo Burn-Redux"


King Bee
"The Beginning"


M.S.G. Acoustic Blues Trio
"The Flood"

Campfire Soul

Campfire Soul
"The Blues Found Me"


Tom Euler
"Fool Me Once"

BlueHouse Project

BlueHouse Project
"Self Titled CD"

Professor Louie

Professor Louie and The Crowmatix
"Crowin' The Blues"

Hurricane Ruth

Hurricane Ruth
"Ain't Ready For The Grave"

Jon Gindick

Jon Gindick
"When We Die,
We All Come Back As Music"

Virginia Blues

Various Artists
"Virginia Blues Showcase"



"Young Fast Running Man"

Ty Curtis

Ty Curtis
"Blame Me"

Marty Stokes

Marty Stokes
"Pick Up The Phone"

Buddy Blues Band

Buddy Blues Band
"Wrong Side of the Blues"

Terry Robb

Terry Robb
"Cool On The Bloom"

Joey Gilmore

The Joey Gilmore Band
"Respect the Blues"

Jason Elmore

Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch
"Champagne Velvet"

Deb Ryder

Deb Ryder
"Grit Grease & Tears"



King Brothers

The King Brothers
"Get Up And Shake It"

Rev. Billy C Wirtz

Rev. Billy C. Wirtz
"Full Circle"

Hard Swimmin Fish

Hard Swimmin Fish
"True Believer"

Mary Jo Curry

Mary Jo Curry
"Mary Jo Curry"

Vaneese Thomas

Vaneese Thomas
"The Long Journey Home?"

The Incorruptibles

The Incorruptibles
"Leave It At the Door"

Tracy K

Tracy K
"What's The Rush?"

Mick Kolassa

Mick Kolassa
"Taylor Made Blues"

Robert "Freightrain" Parker
"Freightrain Live"

Kat Riggins
"Blues Revival"

The Jordan Patterson Band
"The Back On Track Recording Project"

Sammy Eubanks
"Sugar Me"

Crooked Eye Tommy
"Butterflies & Snakes"

Bill Johnson
"Cold Outside"

Bonefish Johnny
"Sings the Blues"

Markey Blue
"The Blues Are Knockin"

Billy Hamilton & The Lowriders
"Pay Some Money"

L. C. Williams and The Driver
"In Another Bar"

Guy King

Val Starr & The Blues Rocket
"Woman On A Mission"

Shaun Murphy
"It Won't Stop Raining"

Shari Puorto
"My Obsession"

Tony Torres
"A Real Gone Time"

Mac Arnold and Plate Full O' Blues
"Give It Away"

The Truth featuring Cat Rhodes
"Knee Deep In The Blues"

Darryl Ellyson
"It's Such A Shame"

Time Gap
"Flash Back"

George Stephen Kelly
"The Power, The Glory
& The Monkey Time"

The Dave Muskett
Acoustic Blues Band
"Recorded Live At
The Slippery Noodle Inn"

Benny Turner
"When She's Gone"

Joe Survival Caruso
"You Never Had These Blues"

Allen-Lamun Band
"Maybe It's A Good Thing"

David Julia
"Simple Things"

Various Artists
"The Blues Had A Baby"


Jimmy Adler
Grease Alley

Bobby Blackhat
Accidental Blues

Little Boys Blue
Bad Love

The Knickerbocker All-Stars
Go Back Home To The Blues

The Jimmys
Hot Dish

Mitch Woods
Jammin' On The High Cs

John Clifton
Let Yourself Go

Mike Brookfield
Love Breaks The Fall

Eddie Cotton
One At A Time

D'Mar & Gill
Take It Like That

Various Artist's
"Keeping the Blues Alive Vol. 9"

Liz Mandeville, Mary Lane
and Shirley Johnson
w/Johnny Drummer & the Starliters

"Angels Sing The Blues"

Tommy McCoy
"25 Year Retrospect"

Lynwood Slim
"Hard To Kill"

Christian Collin
"Spirit Of the Blues"

Barry Levenson
"The Visit"

April Mae & The June Bugs with Mike Mettalia
"Grease It Up & Go"

Johnny Riley
"Crossroads Of My Life"

Reggie Wayne Morris
"Don't Bring Me Daylight"

Mr. Sipp
"The Mississippi Blues Child"

Various Artist's
Keeping the Blues Alive Vol. 8

Madison Slim
"Close But No Cigar"

Little Freddie King
"Messin' Around Tha Living Room"

Mark Telesca
"Heavy Breathing"

Jon Spear Band
"Old Soul"

Breezy Rodio
"So Close To It"

Bobby Blackhat Walters
"Hot Blues Mess"

Laura Cheadle
"Where the Blues Hangs Out"

Celso Salim Band
"To The End Of Time"

Big N' Tasty Blues Band
"Self Titled"

Chuck Strong & SRBQ
"It's About Time"

Duffy Bishop
"Find Your Way Home"

"All Rivers Run To The Sea"

Galloway & Kelliher
"Wild Dogs"

D. A. Foster
"The Real Thing"

Shaun Murphy

Matthew Robinson & The Jelly Kings
"Work That Jelly"

Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers
"Love Whip Blues"

Various Artists
"Keeping the Bliues Alive
Volume Seven"

Dave Sadler

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