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    CD Review & Promo Feedback

    (FYI - since writing this, Kevin has been signed by Delta Groove Productions)

    My name is Kevin Selfe with the Portland, Oregon based blues band Kevin Selfe and The Tornadoes. For those of you entertaining the idea of having the Blewzzman write a review and purchasing the industry contact list, I would like to give you my unsolicited experience. I contacted Blewzzman Pete in the fall of 2009 about writing a review for and promoting my recently released CD "Playing The Game" and obtaining the contact list. I was at first, like many of you may be, skeptical of paying for these services. Let's face it, I play the blues for a living, money is tight, and there isn't a lot of it laying around for these types of things. I thought about it for a few months, and finally decided to relent and give it a shot. It ended up being one of the better decisions in my careerto this point.

    I received a well written, informative, and uniquely refreshing review of my CD from Blewzzman that I am happily able to showcase in my promo materials. I then went to work on the contact list and began an all out email campaign to radio stations and print media. I am excited to say that I received an overwhelming response from this and had about 150 stations from around the country requesting that I send them my CD! I was absolutely thrilled. As a result of this, my CD rose to #39 on the Roots Music Reports National Blues Chart. I also managed to get two of my songs in rotation on the Sirius XM Radio's Bluesville Channel where I made it all the way up to #3 on the "Pick To Click" list! So, for those of you on the fence, like I was, I would highly recommend the services that is offering, as it really has helped to further my career.
    Kevin Selfe

    Click HERE to read Pete The Blewzzman's review of Kevin Selfe & the Tornadoes' CD -- "Playing The Game"

  • Hiya Blewzzman, Love your reviews and how you continually manage to introduce me to artists I might not otherwise find for my radio show here in OZ. Chillblain Blues

  • Thank you for the great review, Pete. I'm humbled by your talent and effort.
    Darryl Ellyson

  • "Thank you very much for all of the kind words and humor you wrote, we absolutely love the review! It really means a lot to us that you wrote such an amazing review."
    Radka Kasparcova ......

  • Hello Peter Jiri (Radka's father) here. I just wanted to thank you so much for helping Radka and Time Gap. Your review was absolutely amazing, and now they got requests from radio stations from all over the world. This promotion you are offering is an amazing opportunity for a new bands to get their name "out here" and I am very thankful I found mary4music on-line.
    You guys are the best... THANK YOU SO MUCH
    Jiri Kasparec

  • Thank you very much for the thorough and well written review! We appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into it. It is apparent that you took the time to really listen to the disc and you critiqued it with an experienced ear! The review artfully engages the reader and generates anticipation for potential listeners! Sincerely, Barb Addlespurger -- Jimmy Adler "Grease Alley"

  • Hi Pete,
    I really like the visual language you worked into the review of "Grease It Up And Go", it's very animated and makes it an interesting and fast read. Thanks again for such a sassy - juicy review.
    April Mae & The June Bugs

  • Hi Pete,
    I am very, very happy with your review of "Grease It Up And Go". Your thoughts were spot on and I loved your keen details on the songs and performances. I love how you really dug into the CD and listened to it. Your enthusiasm was very contagious and I like your take on the stories and the other musicians. Also, I enjoyed your sense of humor on the "Brooklyn City" track - you are hilarious. The whole thing was beautiful, thanks for the great review you gave us. Mike Mettalia and Midnight Shift

  • "After you sent out your wonderful review I got inundated with album requests by DJ's from literally all over the world. This was exactly the boost I needed to get my music out there. Thank you Blewzzman!" Eef

  • Pete we appreciate everything you and Mary do to keep the Blues alive... without people like you the whole Genre would be a "play here- hear here" type music industry. Good job with the compilation CD's, and thank you for the invitation to be a part of that! We are grateful.
    Kind regards, Caroline, GEM R&P (Bobby BlackHat Walters)

  • Wooooowwwwww Pete!!! The review is absolutely awesome!!! Thanks a million times over!! - Kim - Blue South Entertainment

  • Peter, I think you did the job from the heart and I appreciate all the kind things you said about the organization and the project. Thank you for all the effort on our behalf. I loved it. John Catt - The Healers

  • "Hi Pete, I really appreciate how you take so much time to really listen to the music. You are one of a kind." Jook Bourke

  • This was Larry Griffith's response when Pete told him that he didn't have any overseas connections: "Actually you've already gotten me overseas exposure with my single from your compilation CD! You do good things Peter, and positively affect more than you know." Larry Griffith

  • Thank you SO very much Pete! The review sounds great, and I really appreciate you taking care of this one for me. You're a good man, and do a lot in keeping the blues alive and kicking. Hope all is going great with you! Take care, Kevin Selfe

  • I've gotten about 5 emails today already from radio stations and other reviewers. That was money well spent. Thanks for doing what you do - Amanda Broadway

  • Congrats Pete and Mary for being awarded the Blues Foundation's 2011 "Keeping The Blues Alive" Award! I am so happy and excited for you both. I am also so glad to see that you are finally being recognized for all you do. I know how much work is involved in keeping data current, but you both do so much more to support and keep the music alive. Pete`s reviews have helped open so many doors for all my artists. It is a wonderful way to get knowledge of your music out to the world. What artist would not want radio stations, and potential gigs calling them. I highly recommend any artist to send him their Cds for review. These two have spent countless hours unselfishly helping so many. Come on people write in and show these two some love they truly deserve. Thanks again you both. You're the best. Pat Brown - BlueNote Booking

  • Wow! what a great review -- Mark and I thank you so much for your careful listen and excellent words. Really amazing when someone *gets* the music that the artist has worked so hard to share. Sue Havlish -

  • Hi Pete, I have to tell you that I have received more request for CDs and press kits from your review, then anything else I've done to promote the band so far. This was the best promo money I've ever spent, thank you so much. Because of you, we might actually make it out to Florida! Thanks, Scott Rip Cat Records

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH PETER! John is THRILLED!! He has worked so hard as you know, it is wonderful to finally have a CD he can control and gain all the awards for. We truly appreciate all your support for John and the CD! John and I can't do what we do with you! Thanks Blewzzman for everything! Please don't stop doing what your doing, we NEED YOU SO MUCH! Lisa Becker, Management, Becker Booking & Promotion (John Primer)

  • Your review is the best I've ever had, excellent writing... and it must be good because I have already received at least a dozen inquiries based on it from radio stations around the world. You da man! Lisa Mann

  • Hi Peter, Thanks so much for the great review. We do appreciate it from someone as entrenched in the blues as yourself. I have put it on our blog and facebook with your info and the link to your site. Foghat Records

  • I want to thank you again for all of your help. We continually get e-mails from people that heard about Foghat's "Last Train Home" from the Blewzzman! You have quite the reputations worldwide. Hope we get to meet you one day. Linda Arcello-Earl, Foghat Records

  • When I tell you Thank You For All You Do for musicians I mean it from the heart....Thank you for all the kind words in our review, It amazes me the dedication and devotion you have for others...that my friend in this world is rare...Thank you, Thank you Thank you...I hope we meet some day, I want to shake your hand, look you in the eye, and say "Thank you so much for all you do for others...until then Good blues to you and yours, Michael Terry

  • I have started receiving a few requests from some stations. Thanks for a great review and hope to meet you one day soon. Tommy, Blues Buddha

  • Blewzzman, Thank You for the well written, insightful review of our CD. I really appreciate how open your mind was when you checked out our CD. Within one week I have had 4 radio stations get in touch with me. You are very beneficial to the state of blues music. Especially for bands such as UltraSuede which are just starting to put their product out. Thanks Again, Jack Edery, UltraSuede

  • "Hey Pete, Thanks again for the very nice review you did on my CD. I ended up with radio play in 13 countries because of it." Marty Stokes & The Captiva Band

  • "Your kind review is helping me get some airplay around the globe. I do appreciate it more than ever. I've actually made it onto a couple of the different charts too. I'm looking forward to meeting you one of these days. Keep up the fine work." Tommy Cook

  • Well Mr. Man, You certainly have a long reach, I've recieved 3 requests so far for a CD for radio play from Denmark, Norway & Nevada. I'll be reccomending you often. U da Blewzzman! Thanx again, Ernie Southern

  • I want to thank you for the great review you gave Shaun.Very well thought out and written.I will have two more projects in the near future.You will be the first to get them..And I must say I've been working off your site for years.Keep up the great work... Thanks TC DAVIS

  • Hello Peter, Just wanted to send a heartfelt compliment and express gratitude for your work on this project. Today I received at least 7--8 inquiries and requests for my CD from various radio stations between Nevada, Atlanta, NY, Denmark, and Norway. Some expressed enthusiam for the samples they heard at my website, but all expressed interest in playing material from the CD on their blues shows. After I responded personally to all of the emails, then I opened the most recent one from you, containing the written review. I was very impressed with your writing, and it certainly does a great job in creating an atmosphere of excitement around this CD. I appreciate your 'take' on the material and the band very much, and will certainly make sure that you are credited in every instance. Additionally, I plan to recommend you to everyone I come into contact with musically. If there is anything specific that comes to mind, that I can do for you, just let me know. Excellent job ! Best Regards, Marty Stokes

  • Thanks for a great Review!! We love it, and think it really says what the CD and Jean & the Shy Guys are about. We truly appreciate your support, and are looking forward to a continued good working relationship. Best regards, Tina Walker

  • The more I read your review, the more I appreciate your honesty. You don't flower things up.. you tell it like you 'feel' it. That is really good way to review. I'm ever grateful that it touched you. Cee Cee James

  • Thank you so much for all that you folks do for musicians and fans of blues everywhere. Rick Pisano

  • Thanks for these reviews, I appreciate & benefit from them as a Blues DJ. Thanks for helping to keep the Blues alive. Johanna "Jomama" Hamel, KMUD-Garberville, CA

  • Hi Blewzzman! We sure appreciate your wonderful review of Lucky Girl. We began getting feedback within hours. Thank you!! Lori Haynes, Pretty Pear Records

  • The Guys in Blues Dragon can't thank Blewzzman enough for the great review of our new CD simply titled "BLUES DRAGON". Since the release of his review, we have been contacted by more than a dozen blues radio stations and we are finally getting some airplay. It has also boosted our CD sales on CD BABY and we are getting more downloads than ever on iTunes! Thanks to Pete the Blewzzman. - Blues Dragon

  • Peter, that was an awesome review, thank you! Great for our press kit! Already have some requests for the cd coming in! Your work really helps Peter!! Fan I am of Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro and - Double Barrel Blues Band

  • Greetings Blewzzman, Mary4Music, We at GEM R&P really appreciate your CD reviews! They generate a lot of interest. We always receive a lot of requests for the artist release from the recipients of the reviews, both statewide and International. Regardless of whether it is your review writing style, or your avenues of promotion, it works. Just wanted to let you know, and THANK YOU for helping to keep the Blues alive! Great job! Kind Regards, Caroline M. Schloss, CEO GEM Records & Productions

  • Peter, Thank you so much for the fantastic review. With this being my first full length album, your review really helps to give it credibility and a push in the right direction. It is people such as your self and everyone at Mary 4 Music that really help keep the blues alive. Many thanks, Andre Bisson

  • "Amazing review for John!" Lisa Becker, Management / Becker Booking & Promotio /

  • Thanks for the great work that you do in providing a positive light on blues music and the extraordinary musicians who create it. Your honest and non-biased reviews both honor the legends of the blues (such as Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, etc.) while keeping the doors open for the young blues artists, which enables the genre to grow. "The Blues are the Roots, and the rest are the Fruits".(Willie Dixon) - Dixon Landing Music

  • "Thank you for the great review of the Alabama Blues Machine. We have gotten a great response from your review and we appreciate everything you had to say". Mike Hyland, Full Court Press Music Group

  • "Thanks for sending our society information on some great new cd's." - Regards, Bill H., Pres., Sonoma County Blues Society

  • "We sure appreciate your wonderful review of Lucky Girl. We began getting feedback within hours. We will surely credit you with anything we use! Thank for everything you said. Thank you!!" - Lori Haynes, Pretty Pear Records

  • "Hi Peter, Just wanted to thank you for the great review – it’s the most interesting one we’ve had and it’s produced results already. I’ve had 5-6 emails today from radio program hosts around the world asking for the CD and one of them has sent me a list of promoter and festival contacts I can use for European bookings. We really appreciate your good work and your support!" Tharon, Planet Full Of Blues

  • "Peter & Mary, I know that Tharon sent you an email stating her appreciation already, but I also wanted to say thank for the great review and for doing what you are doing! We have seen a significant surge of website hits and info inquiries that can only be attributed to your review. As you probably know, it is extremely tough to gain any traction with respect obtaining meaningful exposure and performance opportunities. If your article opens up more doors for us in this area, well this will just be icing on the cake!" - Johnny Ray Light, Planet Full Of Blues

  • "Just read your review of John Parker's CD and I want to thank you for that. John was not only a wonderful human being but a true lover of the blues and made a great effort to put forth his interpretation of the music that we all love so well. I am so happy that you decided to pay him homage." Deborah Dixon

  • Wow, great review Blewzzman. You musta blewzz his sock off with that well written piece. If I ever run for an office, I'll be calling you to write my speeches:) God bless. Danny Brooks

  • "Blewzzman: Thanks for the great write-up about us at The BMA'S. The Rich Del Grosso / Zac Harmon/ Norma Jean backing I did was cool, and It's a pleasant surprise to be acknowledged. I think you did a great job." Dug Mug Swanson (Zac Harmon's Bassist) Venice, California U.S.A.

  • "I wish more writers took as much time to listen & understand the music they are reviewing as Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro does. You can tell that everything he writes is heartfelt, and he picks what he loves, not just what the record company is hyping and the radio is playing. That's special and altogether too rare." -Amy Gieske, Little Luke & The Loose Cannon Band

  • "Both me and my readers like your insight, reviews and articles -- keep up the good work" - Jan Kline, Editor & Publisher "Indiana Blues Monthly"

  • "Thanks for these reviews, I appreciate & benefit from them as a Blues DJ. Thanks for helping to keep the Blues alive." Johanna "Jomama" Hamel, KMUD-Garberville, CA

  • "You are an excellent writer. It's great that the blues has you." - Jook Bourke

    Interested in having us review & promote your blues cd here at
    Drop The Blewzzman an email by clicking HERE and he'll send you the info.

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