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    Mary4Music Presents:
    "Keeping The Blues Alive"
    Volume Three

    Listen To Tracks From "Keeping The Blues Alive, Volume Three" by clicking each track.
    Once you've listened, contact the artists for information on purchasing their individual discs - their links are below.

    Pickin' In High Cotton - Memphis Gold
    I Hear Mama's Voice - Bobby BlackHat Walters
    My Guitar's My Only Friend - James Buddy Rogers
    Let's Not Fight, Let's Make Some Love - Joel DaSilva & The Midnight Howl
    Flyin' Blind - The Doc Robin Band
    What More? - Georgie Bonds
    Ease My Mind - The Cazanovas
    Talk To Me - Hip Shakin' Mama and the Too Damn Pretty
    Louisiana Country Girl - Donald Ray Johnson
    Naughty Girl - The Octavia Blues Band

    Below is information on "Keeping The Blues Alive, Volume Three". This is the third of many discs that we at hope to be producing. These compilation discs are designed for networking purposes in hopes that these bands will gain some recognition. The CD features ten original tracks by ten different blues artists. Tracks included on this compilation:

    Memphis Gold
    "Pickin' In High Cotton"

    Bobby BlackHat Walters
    "I Hear Mama's Voice"

    James Buddy Rogers
    "My Guitar's My Only Friend"

    Joel DaSilva & The Midnight Howl
    "Let's Not Fight, Let's Make Some Love"

    The Doc Robin Band
    "Flyin' Blind"

    Georgie Bonds
    "What More?"

    The Cazanovas
    "Ease My Mind"

    Hip Shakin' Mama and the Too Damn Pretty
    "Talk To Me"

    Donald Ray Johnson
    "Louisiana Country Girl"

    The Octavia Blues Band
    "Naughty Girl"

    Radio Stations:

    The cd is being sent to approximately 200 radio stations that have blues as part of their programming.

    Below is a partial list of radio stations and programs the cd was mailed to.

    21st Century Blues - American Routes - BellyUp4Blues Radio - Blues Alley - Blue Avenue, Iowa Public Radio - Blues City Radio, Internet - Blues Debut - Blues Deluxe - BluzNdaBlood - Bourbon to Beale Radio - Confessing the Blues Radio, Syndicated - Elwood's Blues Mobile
    - Full-Time Blues Radio - KACU-FM - KAFM Radio - KAJX 91.5 FM - KAOS - KASU - KAWC - KAZI - KBEM Jazz88 - KBRZ - KBUT - KCFX - KCOR - KCR Radio - KCRT - KCSB-FM 91.9 - KCSS - KCUR FM, The Fish Fry - KDAQ Red River Radio - KDHX - KDUR 91.9FM - KDVS - KEOS 89.1FM - KFFA - KFSR 90.7 - KGGV - KGLP-91.7 - KGNU 88.5FM - KGSR - KINK - KIOS FM - KIWR FM - KKFI - KKIT-FM - KMEC 101.5FM - KMSU/KMSK - KMUW FM 89.1 - KNON - KOOP - KOPN - KPFT - KPOO - KQHT-FM - KRBX Radio Boise 89.9FM - KRCL 90.9 FM - KRFX - KRTU Jazz 91.7FM - KRUE - KRVM - KRZA - KSCU - KSDB FM - KSDL - KSDS - KSUT - KTEP 88.5FM - KTSU FM - KTSW - KTUH - KUAF 91.3FM - KUNC-FM 91.5FM - KUNR 88.7 - KUVO-FM - KVMR FM Community Radio - KVNF - KWCW - KXCI - KYBB-FM/B102.7 - KYGT, Clear Creek Radio - KZFR - KZSU - NWCZ Radio - Radio 68 - TOPBLUES Internet Radio - WAER Radio - WALW - WAMU 88.5FM - WATD - WBCR-LP - WBFO - WBGU 88.1FM - WBOR - WBRT - WBZC - WCLX-FM - WCMU Public Radio Network - WCNI 90.9FM - WCUW - WDCB 90.9FM - WDNA - WDNS - WDPS - WDST - WDVX - WEFT 90.1FM - WERU-FM - WESM 91.3FM - WETS-FM/HD - WEVG AM 1470 - WFDU 89.1FM - WFIT - WGLT - WHAY 98.3FM - WHFR - WHQR 91.3FM - WHUS-Radio - WHYS Radio - WITR Radio - WIZN - WJCT 89.9FM - WJCU RADIO - WKCC 91.1FM - WKGL-FM 96.7 - WKMS-FM - WKNC 88.1FM - WLVR 91.3 - WMEB-FM - WMEL - WMET - WMFO - WMHB 89.7FM - WMNF 88.5FM - WMSC 90.3FM - WMSE - WMUA - WMWV-FM - WNCD 93.3 - WNIJ - WNMC - WNRB-LP - WNTI - WOMR - WORT-FM - WPCR - WPFW 89.3FM - WPKN - WPRK - WPSU-FM - WQCY-Staradio - WQLN FM - WQSU-FM 88.9 - WRAS - WRCN - WRCT-FM - WRDV - WREN - WRFG 89.3FM - WRFN 91.5FM - WRPI - WRPO - WSGE 91.7FM - WSIU FM - WSND-FM - WTMD - WUCF - WUCX-FM - WUEV - WUKY 91.3 - WUSB - WUSC Blues Moon Radio - WVGN Radio - WVKR 91.3FM - WVLP - WVPE 88.1 - WVXU - WWCU - WWOZ Radio 90.7FM - WWUH - WXJZ 100.9FM - WXLV - WXPN-FM - WXRT - WYAV-FM -


  • KEEPING THE BLUES ALIVE MARY4MUSIC (US) is an impressive blues (and Indie) network on the internet. Impressive enough for The Blues Foundation to give Mary4Music the 2011 "internet" Award! Mary4Music also produces the compilation cd series "Keeping the Blues Alive". Three volumes have been issued so far, each volume giving ten young bands or artists the opportunity to shine with an original song! Promotion is worldwide and Radio 68 is proud and happy to be on the list. Today, Radio 68 present a selection from vols. 2 and 3, but there's no doubt we'll play more in the future 'cause there's some real good stuff here. All bands and artists are new to me and probably to you too, so there's lots to discover. Thank you Mary for supporting us:
    Eddy Bonte, Radio 68, Belgium

  • Just received Keeping the Blues Alive # 3 presented by Mary4Music and want to say that this compilation of blues artists is one of the best to date. From "Pickin' in High Cotton" by Memphis Gold to "Naughty Girl" by Octavia this compilation was loaded with hot songs and great artists. Many of the artists on the Keeping the Blues Alive 3 compilation will be contacted by the Rick Keyes Music Caravan staff for more of their music and potential Live Radio Interviews with Rick Keyes. Looking forward to Keeping the Blues Alive # 4.
    Rick Keyes Music Caravan Blues Show
    Thursday 1-3 pm pacific time
    Hosted by Rick Keyes
    KCR Radio @ San Diego State College
    Listen on

  • Hey Mary & Peter,
    Thanks for the "Keeping the Blues Alive Volume 3" CD Mary & Peter .... It will be spinning soon and for weeks to come. Thanks for thinking of the Confessing the Blues Radio Network....
    All the Best,
    -- Cleve Baker
    Confessing the Blues Radio

  • On Thursday morning Pete received a phone call from his dear friend Sunshine Sonny Payne of The King Biscuit Show on KFFA radio in Helena AK. Sonny wanted to personally tell us that he received the CD and had already played a song from it on his show on Tuesday, 08/20. Sonny also stated that as soon as he could he'd be spinning all of the other tracks as well. Sonny's show can be heard live at 12:15, M-F on KFFA Radio or you can archive any of his past shows by using the menu and clicking on the date.


    Keeping The Blues Alive - Volume 3
    Posted on September 3, 2013 by scout66com
    Produced by: Mary4Music
    Mary Roby and Peter Lauro

    The beauty of the blues should be worn like a badge of honor by every musician in every corner of the globe as most contemporary music is impermeably tied to the roots of this traditional American art form. As the saying goes, "If you don't know the blues, you don't know music." Bringing people together under the umbrella of letting the good times roll, the legacy dictates many old school ideals.

    Mary Roby and Peter Lauro at have produced their third sampler of blues singles objectively hand-picked for wider appreciation and spreading the gospel from some of the best independent blues artists right now. It isn't important that you may not recognize every artist's name. What they have to say, and how it makes you feel is the point in keeping the blues alive.

    Nine of the ten cuts represented on Keeping The Blues Alive - Volume Three are uptempo, in the pocket grooves showcasing traditional and contemporary styles and instrumentation. From the influence of Howlin' Wolf and John Lee Hooker, to the harmonica's head shaking color, to cajun zydeco themes, this CD cuts a wide swath of hip swayin' beats meant to fill the hole in your soul.

    From "Pickin' In High Cotton" to "Naughty Girl" broadcasters have a rich palette of radio ready cuts to select from. "Louisiana Country Girl" and "I Hear My Mama's Voice" are the top two choices for the sake of review as they hold so true to the core of what the blues mean universally. But each of these songs has a poignant point to make and will appeal to a broad range of tastes.

    Taking on the full ride of the blues is an emotional rollercoaster most appreciated by those who've done a good deal of livin'. A heaping dose of this humble, feel your oats style music is like the last laugh goin' down. It's real. It's simple, yet sophisticated. Mainstream radio stretching to include loose threads of the blues can't hold a candle to the real thing - the true roots of every single tune broadcast over the airwaves. Don't you love the sound of the last laugh in the end?

    "Pickin' In High Cotton" - Memphis Gold
    "I Hear Mama's Voice" - Bobby BlackHat Walters
    "My Guitar's My Only Friend" - James Buddy Rogers
    "Let's Not Fight, Let's Make Some Love" - Joel DaSilva & The Midnight Howl
    "Flyin' Blind" - The Doc Robin Band
    "What More?" - Georgie Bonds
    "Ease My Mind" - The Cazanovas
    "Talk To Me" - Hip Shakin Mama and the Too Damn Pretty
    "Louisiana Country Girl" - Donald Ray Johnson
    "Naughty Girl" - Octavia Blues Band

    You can visit Scout66 at:


    CD Review:

    Keeping The Blues Alive
    Various Artists
    Mary4Music Presents:
    "Keeping The Blues Alive"
    Volume Three

    By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, July 2013

    Pickin' In High Cotton (4:25) / Memphis Gold

    "Pickin' Cotton" is the tile track of Memphis Gold's fourth release. Good ol' fashion, real deal, traditional blues featuring strong & sincere vocals, exceptional slide guitar and outstanding drum work. Songs by Memphis have appeared on all three volumes of this compilation series.

    I Hear Mama's Voice (6:20) / Bobby BlackHat Walters

    Beautiful and melancholy aren't words I usually use in conjunction with each other but they both perfectly describe "I Hear Mama's Voice". It's a beautifully done melancholy song that appears on Bobby's third release titled "Blues On Cardboard". This was the 2013 Blewzzy Award for Best Song.

    My Guitar's My Only Friend (3:45) / James Buddy Rogers

    "My Guitar's My Only Friend" is the title track of James Buddy Rogers' debut disc. It doesn't take very long for James to introduce us to one of his influences. His very impressive guitar highlights scream out Albert King...and that's always a good thing. Great vocals, with intense rhythm. This was the 2012 Blewzzy Award winner for Best CD.

    Let's Not Fight, Let's Make Some Love (5:01) / Joel DaSilva & The Midnight Howl

    Let's Not Fight, Let's Make Some Love - a track from the CD titled Joel DaSilva & The Midnight Howl - might get you thinking you'll like it just from its name. Then, after just one listen you'll know you do. Smooth vocals, tight rhythm and monster guitar leads highlight this one.

    Flyin' Blind (4:50) / The Doc Robin Band

    "Flyin' Blind" is the title track off of The Doc Robin Band's second release Doc's been playing keyboards since he was 4 and since he looks like he might be around my age, let's just say the term 'seasoned veteran' fits him well. His expertise on the piano and Hammond organ are credentials enough for me.

    What More? (3:56) / Georgie Bonds

    "What More?" is a track off of Georgie's second CD titled "Stepping Into Time". It's highlighted by guitars smokin', horns blarin' and rhythm rockin'. Having not heard of him before, I looked for some info at Georgie's website. There I watched quite an interesting video of an ESPN commercial he did for a NY Giants vs SD Chargers game. Blues and the NFL - "What More" could I ask for?

    Ease My Mind (3:36) / The Cazanovas

    "Ease My Mind" is a track off of The Cazanovas' second release titled "Just Gettin' By". Fierce rhythm, killer slide guitar, smokin' harp and powerful vocals all rock this one. The Cazanovas refer to what they do as playing 'Kick Ass Blues' This one will testify to that, it made me a believer.

    Talk To Me (3:25) / Hip Shakin Mama and the Too Damn Pretty

    The Hip Shakin' Mama's moniker surely lives up to itself. This, and the rest of her music, will definitely have you shakin' your hips. It's a smoker, off of her upcoming second release titled "I'll Raise Your Flag". Mama takes charge as she belts the hell out of the vocals while the Too Damn Pretty - led by smokin' guitar leads - are jammin' out behind her.

    Louisiana Country Girl (3:57) / Donald Ray Johnson

    "Louisiana Country Girl" is a track off of "It's Time", one of Donald's many releases. As the title may indicate, it's a song featuring some Cajun flare. The funky rhythm is fueled by the squeeze box and Donald's vocals, as they are on anything he sings, outstanding. Donald allows us to say we have a "Grammy" winner on the disc. In '79 his group - A Taste Of Honey - won the Best New Artist Award.

    Naughty Girl (4:22) / Octavia Blues Band

    This track, off of Octavia's upcoming 5th CD - "It Ain't What You Get, It's What You Give" - is a song about the kind of girl - that as troublesome as they may be, all guys like - a "Naughty Girl". Be it vocally or blowin' her harp, Octavia's a driving force that commands attention. Although she's using a full band, Octavia's - as a talented vocalist, harpist, guitarist and songwriter - can do it all.

    Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
    Blues Editor @
    2011 Keeping The Blues Alive Award Recipient


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We are already busy securing bands for Volume 4.
If you and your band are interested in becoming part of this project...
Click HERE and we'll send you some info.

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