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    Mary's Kudos is the recipient of The Blues Foundation's
2011 "Keeping The Blues Alive" Award!



  • Mary4Music is a great resource for musicians. Anthony Geraci

  • Dear Mary and Blewzzman Pete,
    Thank you both so much for your replies and this opportunity. I am a big fan of the website and I have used it a s a resource for the past two years. True story: we were booked to play at the 33rd Herndon Festival this year and we wanted to maximize our time in the area. So I went to to find blues bars in the DC area and found "Madam's Organ Blues Bar" complete with contact information. I was able to contact them and get us booked there as well. I don't think I would have found them without the help of your website. In fact, I was also on your website yesterday looking for venues in North Carolina to find a place to play on our way to Memphis, TN to compete in the 2014 International Blues Challenge this January.
    Chris Gifford - Herbie D and the Dangermen

  • Mary, I will say this - that your site is the most comprehensive listing of Blues fests I have yet to see. Thank you so much for that info. It frustrates me that we only have a handful of Houston Blues artists that get on fest stages. My goal, under my little company called Blues Muse Productions, is to feature more Texas blues on national stages - I'm concentrating on states east of Texas and on down to Florida. If you have any ideas on that I am very open to them! I just find your site to be pretty darn amazing and would love to know more about the woman behind it! I hope our paths cross in person one day soon. Keep up Keeping the Blues Alive, Mary! Best, Gail

  • Mary, I loved your website, it is really supporting the blues music, which we are trying to do in Czech Republic as well. It is a hard job but I am happy if I can reach people through blues music. We had the legendary Otis Grand one week ago in Czech Republic and it was so nice to see people who enjoy the music as much as I do. Besides the fact that I am a music manager, I love blues with all my soul.
    Have a lovely day,
    Oya -

  • Love ya Mary! - MG
    Memphis Gold

  • Mary, Just know that what you are doing is helping so many people - and is a great support and service to the Blues. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!! We have been telling every musician we know about your site. It is SUCH a huge resource, it is mind-blowing. Thanks for so many years of dedication to the Music, it is so cool!
    Laura Lamun, singer / songwriter / blues lover

  • Mary,Thank you so much for all that you do for the blues and for us musicians. - Gaye Adegbalola

  • Mary, Thank you for all that you do for the blues and women in blues. - Redd Velvet

  • First I want to thank you! I used your data base to book a couple gigs for myself in Honolulu in Dec! My PA is running an AIDS/HIV Marathon there so I was going to just go and support his efforts, but then I saw that Steve Stoddard was playing the grooves off my Clarksdale CD so I sent him a thank you note and he offered to help me. Together we've used your gig links and found some others. SO without your help I wouldn't be knockin another state off the bucket list! Thanks! - Liz Mandeville

  • CONGRATULATIONS on winning the KBA! You guys are the BEST! YOU ROCK! you are the REAL DEAL! and I am so happy to hear that you won this award and are getting recognized for the years of dedicated HARD WORK you have given to the Blues. Finally the GOOD GUYS WIN! GOOD FOR YOU - KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK THAT YOU DO - WE NEED YOU! Thank you, Lisa Becker, Management, B.B.P. Becker Booking & Promotion

  • We just saw the good news at for your Internet KBA for 2011 - congratulations! Mary4Music is an invaluable resource, and we've only just begun mining the possibilities you turned us on to. Thank you for the wonderful work you do, and congratulations on the well-deserved honor! Sue Havlish & Mark Robinson

  • Your site is an amazing resource, I've been surfing the listings and reviews all afternoon and have bookmarked it for later... Best, Joe Gorfinkle, JGSDelta Music

  • I've used your site for years & have been able to find gigs because of it. Plugging it is the very least I can do for you. Dave Gross

  • Thanks Mary. God must bless you for your efforts. I have known a number of small time bands and musicians that cut their own CD, get few gigs, and then die out. Other than buy a CD from them I could think of no other way to help. Now I can at least ask if they are aware of your site. Let me know if you have any questions whatsoever about what I sent. Keep the blues alive! Keith

  • HEY Mary; I LOVE your site. I don't know that I've seen that much comprehensive information on female musicians and, being one, I truly appreciate it. Amy, Sin Pretty

  • Great to finally meet the woman behind such an awesome site. It's really cool. By the way Mary I forgot to tell you that the more I look at your web site the cooler I think it is. Lots of great info. Nice meeting you too keep in touch. John D'Amato

  • Thank you Mary, I so do appreciate your service...I initially emailed every 'blues' radio program that you have on your incredible web/resource site and I got around a 20% call back and I emailed them the cd... you probably have the best musical resource centre for roots/blues music and you are providing a huge help for the indie artists... God bless you guys for your efforts in providing such a help!!!! Keep up the great work Mary! I am doing a radio interview in Long Island on Nov. 25 (from your site and then head to DC and then to Memphis, Clarksdale, Helena and back to Knoxville, Bowling Green, Akron and back up to T.O. most of these radio stn's from your site!! Thanks for sharing my music, it is such a big help and I appreciate it greatly!! Danny Brooks

  • Hi, my name is Michael Terry and I would love to send you a copy of my cd for review. Can you please tell me where I might send it? By the way, I love your website, It is a valuable resource for someone like myself trying to get heard, as well as representation etc...I love what you all do..thank you so much... looking forward to sending you a cd, whether for review or just to send you one, thanks again, Mike

  • I just wanted to thank you for this amazing resource. I am a musician and it's invaluable to have this. Great job! I can't tell you how useful and valuable your site is, it's incredible. All the best, Mary! - Robert

  • Hi, my name is Michael Terry and I would love to send you a copy of my cd for review. Can you please tell me where I might send it? By the way, I love your website, It is a valuable resource for someone like myself trying to get heard, as well as representation etc...I love what you all do..thank you so much..... looking forward to sending you a cd, whether for review or just to send you one, thanks again, Mike

  • Hi Mary, I am so completely knocked out by your site every time I visit!! No one --and I mean NO BODY-- is doing what you're doing. WOW! Queen Bee Zamagni & The King Bees

  • Thanks for your listings-I've even been told that my show was found from your website. Jerry Davis, Blues DJ WQCY 103.9fm, Quincy IL

  • Wanted to thank you so much for using my song, "Can't Change My Heart" as one of your profile songs, it was really flattering. It lets me know and others that you really listen to all the music that comes your way, I don't know where you find the time to do that, but Blues and indie guys like us are forever in your debt. There's no telling how many musicians like me you have helped, but thank you for what you do. I understand that the www. mary4music. com website was the first site on the internet comprehensively geared for blues and indie music. And there's something else I wanted to add here, I was born totally blind, and the mary4music website is easy for blind folks to use, it's really blind friendly. I'm amazed at the vast amount of resources and music you have on the site. Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Rickey Godfrey

  • Hi Mary! Great site, really amazing! I wrote the Jefferson Airplane's biggest hit (Somebody to Love), then invented a new kind of fretless guitar. I think it's important for the blues world to here me play, and that a major guitar manufacturer will want to produce and sell these instruments. Please check me out at Thanks, Mary for all your wonderful work! Darby

  • I've only recently just been turned on to Mary4Music. Where have I been? - Terry Wilson w/ Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps

  • THANKS is well over due to you. I found your site when I first started booking years back and if it wasn't for people like you I wouldn't have been able to do what I am doing today. The help you have provided is unmeasurable. In fact I think there should be a award for all that you do. I know how much work it is for me to update address and contacts, so I can't even imagine how big a job it is for you. Pat, Blue Note Booking

  • You have a wonderful site! It has been extremely helpful in promoting this CD. Thanks again, Joanne Garland, Artist Manager Terry Garland

  • Dennis here from Bonedog Records. Your site is fantastic!!! It's become my best resource. Can we send our releases for review? Thanks for all the help. Dennis, Mgr. Bonedog Records

  • Thank you for continuing to provide the best blues website out there! Jackie McCort, Ron Thompson

  • Dear Mary, Great site and An awesome resource for everything blues. Thank you so much for keeping the Blues Alive. Artwork Jamal

  • I find myself constantly referring to your website as I try and self-promote myself, my band and my cd. So THANK YOU. I use your site alot. - Don Brewer

  • I am a fan, Mary, your site is a great resource and I'm amazed how much information is packed into it, congrats on all the hard work. The Canadian stuff you're doing is much appreciated, you're offering some nice profile to us. Hope to meet one day! Cindy

  • Mary, I wanted to Thank You for the support of Women in Blues Fest last week in Willmington! I also want to let you know I use your wonderful site almost daily .It is a world of information.You guys are TRUE BLUES. Keep up the good work in keeping the blues alive. - Kelley Big Red Taylor, Big Red and the Soul Benders

  • Pete & Mary, My most sincere thanks to you both. It’s just another example of a very basic belief of mine: share your love of the music, and you’ll get love in return. Hopefully, the sun will shine on my back door someday, and I’ll have the chance to meet you both. In the meantime, keep up the good work! - Brian Cornish, Mohawk Valley Blues Society

  • Thank you for all you do in the blues. - Mike Dollins

  • Your site is the best for band networking. - The Soul Men

  • Hi Mary, Thanks a lot for putting a link to Bluestown Records on your site. Your site is great. I did not know about it but will certainly check back from time to time to see what’s happening. Keep up the great work. It’s appreciated. - Jostein, Bluestown Records

  • Mary, I am still putting your website to good use. We have gotten airplay on almost 120 radio stations as a result and I'm still just scratching the surface! It's been a lot of work on our part but without your website as a resource it wouldn't have even started. Thanks again, Bill & June, Doghouse Daddies

  • Mary, Thanks for the listing in your blues band section. You have a fantastic website! A great information source. Good luck !! - Robert Ross Band

  • Hey Mary, Thanks for the kind words! I dig the hell out of your website! Rick {:8())- Rick Fink & His Gas House Gorillas

  • It seems like you have been on the Internet promoting the blues forever. Your name/website turns up frequently (and has for quite some time) during my cruises through cyberspace. Herm - ElectricBlues Radio - Sizzlin' Electric Blues Guitar

  • Just checked out your site. WOW. What a great site. Thanks so much for being such a great supporter of music and musicians. Stay in touch. Many good wishes... XO...Jan James

  • Mary, THE MARY, thank you for all you do for the BLUES! It's great to connect with you. ~ The Blues Spot

  • Mary, I love your myspace and website. Keep up the great work. If someone is reading this and you haven't visited Mary's website, do it now. Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend. Robbie, Promoter, Shane Pruitt

  • Mary4Music rocks! The blues portal has been a lifesaver for getting gigs, keep it up! Jon Justice

  • You do have one of the very best web sites for researching stuff in the blues world.. Michele, Michele and the Midnight Blues

  • Hi Mary, You are incredible..your resources are invaluable and I wish I had known you were in Baltimore!!! Fiona Boyes and I were just up there in early July. Suzanne, Blue Empress Management Int.

  • Hi, I would just like to thank you for what you are doing at As a musician and a fan of the blues, it is greatly appreciated. I would like to send you a complimentary copy of my CD. I just need to know where to send it. Thanks Again, Pete Neuman

  • Hi Mary, Thanks for everything you do for Blues Societies around the nation and world. It is a good service and a great help to us struggling Blues societies to get our word out. Thanks again, Lee Mitchell, Magic City Blues Society

  • Yo Mary--Your blues network is a great resource and an amazing way to discover new and vintage blues. We need more like you! Rock on.........jd JD Duvall Band

  • So tell me..... are you the Mary of MARY4MUSIC? If so, you're site is like a bible ! It's how I found gigs !!!! Eddie Turner

  • There’s no doubt that Mary4Music is the most comprehensive blues resource on the face of the planet! Kudos… ya’ got to love the blues to deal with that much code writing and data gathering (not to mention raw data input!) - Keith Soltys, Inside Sounds

  • Hi Mary, just wanted to say thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,We noticed that thanks to you we are No ! on google...Means a lot to us much thanks. Love, Chrys and Bernie, SongCatcher Records Limited

  • You guys kick ass! We look forward to getting you involved with some upcoming things we are working on! Billybob, C.E.O. Splittin' the Breeze TV

  • I can't wait for my CD review from your AWESOME SITE - Mary4Music ROCKS! Thanks again and talk to you real soon. Mark Cook (Blues/Rock Dude)

  • Love your website... it'll take hours to see everything. Jenna and the Joneses

  • Mary, Thanks for the listing in your blues band section. You have a fantastic website! A great information source. It is a truly wonderful blues source. Good luck !! Robert Ross Band

  • As I browse the net for Blues it appears that all pages sooner or later lead back to Mary4Music! Thank you so much!! Andrea

  • Thank YOU - our Optomist club has 10 visitors from Russia who want nothing more than to go to a blues bar. Your list SAVED me. Thanks, Terri

  • We love! Theresa and TC Blue

  • Thanks for keeping the blues going!! Satori Productions

  • Hi Mary, I really enjoyed your site and Thank you for giving the little guys a chance to be seen by the big guys and others -John Agayan, President -Platinum Plus Records

  • FANTASTIC WEBSITE! It will take me days, if not weeks, to get through it all. Thanks for such a comprehensive site." -Jackie McCort, on behalf of Ron Thomspon

  • I visited your website and wow. It is one of the most comprehensive Blues sites on the Net.~Will Anderson - Loud House Records, Austin, Texas

  • Just got added to your site, and I've already had visitors that have found me from your site. Nice Site. You're doing a good service. Nice looking banner too. I'll tell friends. Damian Kidder

  • Great site Mary! Thanks for helping to support the music we all know and love! All the best to you! Sincerely, -Danny Danzi

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