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Green Button "Peter, I wanted to give big thank you for such a great review of Papa Didn't Raise Me Right! I really appreciate your insight and encouragement. I also appreciate that you seem to understand my sense of humor. I try not to take myself too seriously. To quote Dame Edna, "If you can't laugh at yourself, you just might be missing the joke of the century!" Pete, you have always given us positive reviews, this one is the best yet. I can only hope it's because we keep improving with every new effort. As we enter the next phase of life for The Porkroll Project I look forward to a continuation of our association. Neil Taylor"

Green Button "Pete, Thank you for the wonderful CD review. We can't thank you enough good Sir. Really nice! Cheers, Paul
Guitar, Vocals & Founder
SlideWinder Blues Band"

Green Button "Thank you so much for all you do keeping the Blues Alive. With the pandemic our Blues Society publication is berift of stories covering the live music events for our locallocal artists. Your reviews help me keep our people get through this. David Antin, President, LCBS"

Green Button Hiya Blewzzman, Love your reviews and how you continually manage to introduce me to artists I might not otherwise find for my radio show here in OZ. Chillblain Blues

Green Button "Although this CD has been previously reviewed in the Blues News", the Blewzzman goes into quite a bit more detail about the artists and has provided some nice commentary on the project from an "outsider's" perspective. Nice to see a nationally recognized reviewer with such a favorable opinion of our local efforts".....
- Kentuckian Blues Society

Green Button Peter, I cannot thank you enough for really putting it out there with your feelings about Benny's ability to play festivals and his worthiness of award nominations. It really helps to have others validate what I'm trying to convey, especially in a written and published format, such as you have done. Benny is 76 years old. Time isn't on my side, although I continue to persevere. Your review is a big asset for us! With sincere gratitude,
Sallie Bengston -

Green Button Blewzzmzn, I appreciate your hard work and the airplay that has resulted for my music. Keep the Blues alive! - Gypsy Carns

Green Button Root Doctor is BEYOND HAPPY! I told you we already got 3 CD requests...maybe more by now! Great job! - Root Doctor

Green Button Just a word of thanks to Peter Blewzzman Lauro today. I literally use daily. It's a great site for us. Greatly appreciated. - Gina Hughes

Green Button After receiving an email from Pete about how good her new CD..... "Is It Still Good To Ya?", then running into him at the BMA, here is what Gaye Adegbalola had to say....."Hi Pete. It was great to re-connect with you. Yes, I knew your face and knew you were "Pete", but no, didn't know you were "Pete Lauro" of Mary4Music fame. Now that I truly know who you are, I am more than honored to know that you like our CD. Joy! Gaye Adegbalola.

Green Button I love it! This made me cry! So on point and the best review we ever received ! You really delved in deeply about me and my personality. Thank you! Thank you! Laura Cheadle

Green Button Great stuff Pete. Thanks again and I'll be sure to put in the word for you around Austin. Steve Power (referring to Blewzzman's review of "Work That Jelly", by Matthew Robertson).

Green Button img SRC="" WIDTH="27" HEIGHT="39" BORDER="0" ALT="Green Button"> Dear Peter, Thank you so much for the kind & warm welcome to the Sunshine State. Chris and I are excited to meet you. The work y'all are doing is super. We plan on submitting a CD right after Turkey Day. I spent enjoyable time perusing and learning about the top notch promoting you do for so many great artist. We look forward hopefully to working with you. most truly, Duffy

Green Button Peter, you are one of the all time greats man! Thanks so much for your kind words and all that you do, I so appreciate it!
All the Best, Jeff - Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners

Green Button "Pete, you did a great job for me with "Forgive Me" and I'm hoping to work with you again sometime soon". -Little Mike and the Tornadoes

Green Button "I really appreciate you; the foundation upon which my business operates was laid those years ago with the help of you (and so many other folks) through the reviews you've written. Thank you for helping spread the word through your talent for listening and writing". -Eric Hughes

Green Button Dear Peter the "Blewzzman" Lauro, Thank you so very much for your review. An amazing piece- in depth and absolutely engaging throughout. I truly cannot thank you enough. Suze is absolutely thrilled, and we are already seeing the benefits of your wonderful review. Thank you again, -Victoria Jaynes, A&R, Magnolia Gold Records

Green Button Peter, Congratulations on winning the KBA! Great to hear that you & Mary have been recognized for all your hard work & devotion to the music, keep up the awesome job. Its folks like you that make it possible for us musician types to do our music. Best, Ronnie (Lil' Ronnie & The Grand Dukes)

Green Button Blewzzman, Just a quick note to say thanks for diggin' my music. I am officially a fan of your writing, as I have read through a lot of your reviews now. It's also obvious that you pull a lot of weight in the Blues community. And I don't mean the kind gained by too much tasty BBQ. I have already, in one day, received a large number of requests for my press package from radio stations around the world. A fan of Pete "The Blewzzman" Lauro, Don Ray

Green Button Hey Peter, I am very pleased with the quick response we are getting to your email blast of our CD review. Great review, by the way. The guys love it. I'll be adding it to our site and press kit ASAP. Thanks again for everything, we're really happy to have you in our corner. Chris, Big Papa & TCB /

Green Button Thank you Peter, great write-up, you made my day again. I look forward to our paths crossing further up the road! Thanks again for your service and support, it means a lot!!! Danny Brooks

Green Button Congrat's on doing a great job for 10 years! You and Mary mean a lot to the blues community!! -Howie

Green Button "Pete, you are the true Blewzzman. Thanks for coming through, in such a swift and caring manner, by helping the Joanna Connor band fill some holes on our tip to Florida. Getting us those dates was clutch. Additional thanks to both you and Mary, for the jaw-dropping job you guys do at That web site has been a huge resource for the band. What you guys do for the blues community is equal to what Michael Jordan did for Basketball." - Lance Lewis - Husband of and Drummer, part time Bassist and Booking Agent for Joanna Connor

Green Button "We sure appreciate your wonderful review of Lucky Girl. We began getting feedback within hours. We will surely credit you with anything we use! Thank for everything you said. Thank you!!" - Lori Haynes, Pretty Pear Records

Green Button "Peter & Mary, I know that Tharon sent you an email stating her appreciation already, but I also wanted to say thank for the great review and for doing what you are doing! We have seen a significant surge of website hits and info inquiries that can only be attributed to your review. As you probably know, it is extremely tough to gain any traction with respect obtaining meaningful exposure and performance opportunities. If your article opens up more doors for us in this area, well this will just be icing on the cake!" - Johnny Ray Light, Planet Full Of Blues

Green Button Hello Peter, just a note to tell you what a great job you do with this newsletter. Each month I have been featuring a "website of the month" for our blues society publication and am going to feature your in the March issue. Let me know if there is anything you would like highlighted. Keep up the good work, Toni Alexander, Capital Area Blues Society Prez

Green Button Peter, you do a great job! I'll get our Webmama (my Wife Nancy) to put Bluesapalooza on the PBPS homepage. Yes, please send any further info. I'll suggest linking to ya at our next Board meeting. I HIGHLY doubt that there will be any objections. Keep up the fine work you do for our beloved Blues! Save Arts Education, Casey

Green ButtonYour dedication to Blues helps us all to keep forging ahead! Thanks too for your commitment in supporting women in the arts! You’re the best! Julie Black

Green ButtonWow, great review Blewzzman. You musta blewzz his sock off with that well written piece. If I ever run for an office, I'll be calling you to write my speeches:) God bless. Danny Brooks

Green ButtonThis is what the blues needs. You can agree that we need 3 million more fans. This should be our goal for the next ten years. Joe Bonamassa

Green ButtonHi, I just want to let you know that I do appreaciate the work you are doing and I enjoy reading your Mails - even though my home is in Vienna, Austria. People like you with so much passion for our blues music are a treasure. Just a little thank you and please keep up the great work that you are doing. Thanks from Austria, xo, Natascha :)

Green ButtonHey Peter, Thanks for all the recommendations and doing what you do. It is a huge help and great resource for a young independent musician like myself. This is what it's all about!! Best regards, Chris Merkley

Green ButtonThank you, Pete, for all you do for this music and most importantly what you do for the musicians! -Tina Terry, Agent, Piedmont Talent

Green Button Pete, Thank you sooooooooo much for your efforts. You make a huge difference in people like me as far as booking, promo etc.. Thanks a bunch my friend, Look forward to working with you down the road, Steve Thorpe

Green Button "There’s no doubt that Mary4Music is the most comprehensive blues resource on the face of the planet!" - Keith Soltys, Inside Sounds

Green Button "Blewzzman: Thanks for the great write-up about us at The BMA'S. The Rich Del Grosso / Zac Harmon/ Norma Jean backing I did was cool, and It's a pleasant surprise to be acknowledged. I think you did a great job." Dug Mug Swanson (Zac Harmon's Bassist) Venice, California U.S.A.

Green Button "Pete, It's great to have you aboard. The response to your reviews from the bands and blues lovers has been phenomenal. Your writing, photographs and vast knowledge of the blues have added a great amount of substance to the website. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. -Mary"

Green Button "Both me and my readers like your insight, reviews and articles -- keep up the good work" - Jan Kline, Editor & Publisher "Indiana Blues Monthly"

Green Button "Pete, Thank you so much for the review and especially for believing in me so're one in a million. Thanks again for all your help....Keep a song in your heart. Love, EG Kight" - EG Kight's Website

Green Button "You are an excellent writer. It’s great that the blues has you." - Jook Bourke

Green Button "Pete, I really respect what you are doing. It’s people with a heart like yours that keep the world chugging along, doing good things, just because they love it! Very best regards." Nicole Hart - The Shades

Green Button "Thanks for all you do in the blues world" -Michele Lundeen - Editor Blues Festival Guide

Green Button " are doing a great service to the blues world." - The Mojo Phoenix Blues Band

Green Button "It's good to know there is a an active, enthusiastic, blues advocate out there!! Your efforts to keep the music alive is appreciated." Bob Price (drums) -Deja-Blue

Green Button "Thank you Pete, for your encouragement and friendship! I've never met anyone so passionate about promoting the Blues, or any genre! You have helped so many of us move up another rung of the ladder with your reviews and networking. Keep up the great work; you have my vote for a KBA!" - Pat Pepin

Green Button "Congrats to you Peter for so much of what you do to help BLUES live and thrive.....The Blues World is a very passionate one indeed." Cheers, Gloria Pierce

Green Button "Pete, it may be your passion, but no doubt you've got another career going!.... Once again, congrats on your new higher profile amongst the blues elite...may your award (The BLEWZZY) become the standard for new music!" -Russell Hibbard, Bamboo Room, Inc.

Green Button "Hello Peter, I found your site through Pat Pepin, and would like to compliment you on its content. Your reviews are well-written, and I'm sure musicians benefit from all you do. I write for the Sun Journal here in Maine and am also an avid Blues fan...." -Phil Whipple/Auburn, Maine

Green Button "The Blewzzman is an amazing asset to blues music and to the people that love listening to the blues everywhere! He strives to help the independent artist such as myself, be it through kind words, or a fair and highly credible CD review. He's very accessible and down to earth. This makes for some great conversation, a few laughs, and the chance to learn something about a new artist or song that you may never have heard before. Thanks Pete for all you do!!!" - Dan Reading

Green Button "Pete, We need more blues music supporters like you; I appreciate your dedication and friendship so keep the website going." -Beautfiful Bobby Blackmon

note Pete, When I think of someone who is real and will go out of their way to help a Blues artist, I think of you. You have been a Godsend to me and other artist's as well. We need more people like you. Keep a song in your heart, EG Kight

Green Button "Pete the Blewzzman is a musicians best friend. Thanks for all you do for the music." - Teresa Wade, assistant to EG Kight

Green Button Pete, I met you when we worked with you at Alligator Alley and you have been invaluable to us ever since. Your review of us in Big City Blues was so great I thought we would be signed by Alligator, Tone Cool or Evidence records the next day. You have helped us find gigs in South Florida. The band really enjoyed having dinner with you and Rose after our gig at The Bamboo Room. We will be playing there again May 31st. If I had 100 more fans like you I would be playing every festival in the world.

The greatest thing I can say about Pete is that he is not just a lover of Blues, but of talent....We don't fit the Blues Nazi mold that most record labels want to take a risk on. Having worked for Johnny Winter back in the late seventies, I have always been kind of a left field player and writer. Blewzzman Pete loves all kinds of Blues. Down in acoustic to heavy electric. I wish you the best and it is an honor to have you as a fan but more importantly as a friend who will tirelessly try to help in anyway you can. - Thanks and Love.....Your brother in the blues, Pat Ramsey

Green Button "Pete the Blewzzman, I see your name all over the internet - your networking is good for the blues. Thanks, and keep up the good work." - Bob Margolin - Chicago Style Blues Guitar

Green Button 'BLEWZZMAN' Pete ~ I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in getting The Hell Hounds booked for their first South - Florida tour. They just completed their second, and it was better than the first! They hear the name "Blewzzman" everywhere they go - and nothing but good things said about 'that cat that promotes the blues'. Thank you also for your well written review of their cd "Can't Take It With Ya" ~ next one will be to you as soon as it's ready! It's more and more obvious that blues is not just your passion ~ it seems to be your passion to 'spread the blues' to all! And that's a great thing!" -Lorna Herman, Manager - The Hell Hounds

Green Button "I wish more writers took as much time to listen & understand the music they are reviewing as Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro does. You can tell that everything he writes is heartfelt, and he picks what he loves, not just what the record company is hyping and the radio is playing. That's special and altogether too rare." -Amy Gieske, Little Luke & The Loose Cannon Band

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