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George's Music "Springing the Blues"
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
April 3-5, 2009

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Thanks once again to George Hines, Owner of George's Music and sponsor of the event, and Sam Veal, promoter of the event, for putting on another wonderful, talent filled, free blues festival. Next year will be the twentieth anniversary and I'm already looking forward to attending. Good job guys.

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Opening act at the 2009 Springing the Blues Festival
Tommy Thunderfoot & The Accelerators

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Tommy Thunderfoot

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J.P. Soars & The Red Hots
Winners of the 2009 International Blues Challenge

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J.P. Soars

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J.P. as he Soars through some smoking blues riffs

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Toots Lorraine & The Traffic - One of my favorite acts on the bill

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The lovely Toots swaying those shapely hips

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Toots Lorraine in a "Traffic" stopping pose

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Regi Blue rockin' the joint with some hard rockin' blues

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