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    Indie Bands

The majority of these links are to Indie Musicians, if you're looking for mainstream music, you probably won't find it here

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  • No Entries Yet
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  • Al James Country/Ballad singer songwriter from Edinburgh, Scotland
  • The Alan Fox Band
  • And If invites you to explore JazzRock, Rock/Pop, Progressive Rock, and more. Free MP3 downloads
  • Andy Spain -- Musician, Songwriter, Performer "Eclectic songwriting merging folkways with futurism. Pioneering sci-folk music by melding past and future into something relevant for the modern age"
  • AndyT13
  • Asian Kung-Fu Generation Flash Back! "This is a fansite for the band Asian Kung-Fu Generation. You can find information about their profiles, their latest news, pictures, discography, guitar tabs, streaming music samples, and much more"
  • Athena Wisniewski "Official Music Site for Indie/Acoustic Singer-Songwriter. Visit for latest news, music, and more"
  • Attila Kovacs, musician - songwriter "Original Pop-Rock Songs from a Hungarian-Danish-American musical heart"
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  • The Cell "Band playing the southern rock with the American front man who comes right from "Louisiana". Inspired by such bands as Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special , Molly Hatchet etc., they play their own songs. Even though the band has been playing for relatively short time, you will think you are in the south of the United States and will feel the need to move to the rhythm of southern rock"
  • Charlie River Band
  • Cold Sweat Band
  • CNS
  • Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak

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  • Daniel Glen Timms Singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • Danny Danzi "One of South Jersey's premier guitar players"
  • Daryl Sprake "Website of Australian composer Daryl Sprake, this site offers free listening and download, of a wide range of original music including, orchestral, and piano music, this site breaks down the borders between different kinds of music as well as exploring new areas of musical expression. Discover a world of music without borders"
  • Derek Jordan Alternative Indie Rock music
  • Digital Moodz "Ambient electronic soundscapes blended with modern grooves similar to Enigma, Delerium and Enya"
  • Diva Scarlet All-female band from Italy
  • DJ Galactic "Official website of DJ Galactic, Electro Funk music producer. Download DJ Galactic’s free mp3, flash video clips"
  • Dream Aria

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  • Front Page News "Energetic live music for your wedding, party, function. We love to entertain!"

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  • Ian Linn "Independant musician (trumpet player/recording engineer) who composes Electronic music, and writes songs with other people"
  • The Idle Americans "Three young guys that play like they're old, an old Wolf that plays like he's young. "Baltimore's Rollicking" -Washingtonian. Playing Blues & American Roots Music" MySpace
  • Impact Christian rock & praise ministry from Florida
  • Innaway
  • Irish Rover And The Crew " Irish punk rock band, founded in 2005, by Rover, lead singer and lyricist"
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  • Keith LuBrant "Singer/songwriter that writes pop/rock songs with catchy hooks"
  • Kofi Baker "Son of Ginger Baker of Cream"
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