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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Sunrise Theatre, Ft. Pierce, FL - 10/17/08

You don't keep a band together for fifteen years - with all the original members - and not have a loyal following. Last Friday night, at the Sunrise Theatre, it was very apparent that Ft. Pierce, Florida is where a big part of the BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY following live. The large crowd cheered louder and louder as each of the nine members walked onto the stage - in the dark. The show had not even started, and these guys were already getting huge ovations. There was no questioning what was about to follow.

Looking as if they stepped out of the pages of GQ, SCOTTY MORRIS on lead vocals and guitar, GLEN "THE KID" MARHEVKA on trumpet, KARL HUNTER on tenor & alto saxophones and clarinet, ANDY ROWLEY on baritone sax, JOSHUA LEVY on piano, DIRK SHUMAKER on bass, ANTHONY BONSERA JR on trumpet, ALEX HENDERSON on trombone and KURT SODERGREN on drums, proceeded to sing, dance, play and totally entertain one of the more enthusiastic audiences I've seen in quite some time.....what a tribute to the band.

The show consisted of a ninety minute set with the guys performing some of swings most popular tunes, some originals and lots of cool stuff from the legend they will be paying tribute to on their soon to be released CD - MR. CAB CALLOWAY.

If asked to put my thoughts about BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY into one sentence, I'd have to say "The band is like the sky on a clear night - full of stars". The respect and admiration these guys have for each other onstage, and the way they constantly rotate who's up front, being highlighted, is uncommon for a band of this size. Obviously, a big reason the band still has all of it's original members.

If you, like I on the night of this show, have never seen BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY, you just may want to add it to your "to see" list. Once you do, there is no question you'll be one of the hooting audience members, as one by one the members of the band take the stage, in the dark.

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