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E.G. Kight CD Review

EG Kight
"Takin' It Easy"


For about the past six months, just about every time I talked to E G KIGHT about her upcoming CD, she would say to me "Now Pete, remember that my new CD is going to be a little different". I swear, I must have heard that at least a dozen times. As cute as it sounded, coming from her with that charming southern accent, I couldn't help but think she was warning me. You see, E G knows my taste in blues and I guess she was telling me that ............well, "this CD would be a little different"

I have to admit, the darling "Georgia Song Bird" did have me wondering. Was this going to be one of those CD's where the artist is trying to fix something that isn't broken or was this going to be one of those boring 'unplugged' type CD's? I mean, here is an artist that is climbing the ranks towards becoming the next Queen of the Blues like she's on a turbo charged stair is an artist who's last CD got her nominated for three W C Handy Awards....nothing needs to be different, right? Wrong!

"TAKIN' IT EASY" certainly is different - delightfully different. As a matter of fact, I'm finding myself having to search for different terms to use in my description of what I am listening to. Such adjectives as raucous, raunchy, bawdy, roof blowing, houserockin' and hell raisin', usually used to describe blues CD's, just don't seem to fit in this case. "TAKIN' IT EASY" would best be described as blues done graciously, tastefully, majestically and most of all elegantly.

"TAKIN' IT EASY" is a collection of twelve songs, of which eight are originals, where E G KIGHT allows two of her many talents - her voice and her charm - to be highlighted throughout the CD, and the results are nothing short of magnificent.

Although this whole CD was very well done, there were a few tracks that I particularly liked on "TAKIN' IT EASY". "NOTHIN' EVER HURT ME", a slow burner featured excellent piano work by MICHAEL BOYETTE and "I DON'T WANT TO START OVER" a little more of an up tempo jazzy number also featured some very nice piano from ANN RABSON as well as some outstanding bass by ANDY SEAL.

When "WHEN YOU WERE MINE" came on I lost all concentration. I sat back in my chair and immediately was removed from my desk and taken to a very dimly lit jazz lounge. I found myself on the dance floor amidst a bunch of slow dancing couples as a sultry singer softly and very romantically placed everyone on a cloud with the way she delivered her song. Accompanying E G on this award quality number were ROGER "BOUDLEAUX" on guitar, ANDY SEAL on bass, STEVE MITCHELL on drums and the masterful GREG PICCOLO playing some of the sexiest saxophone these ears have ever enjoyed.

"SOUTHBOUND" a DICKIE BETTS/ALLMAN BROTHERS number had me rockin' in my chair. LEE ANDERSON on guitar, JOHNNY FOUNTAIN on bass, and my favorite drummer in the business, GARY PORTER, all did one heck of a job backing up E G on this very well done cover.

"COMING OUT OF THE PAIN", a song that reminded me of "SOUTHERN COMFORT" the hit song off of E G's last CD, features excellent guitar pickin' by CHRIS HICKS.

Other musicians adding to the high quality of music on "TAKIN' IT EASY" are RICHARD RUPERT and RICHARD FLEMING on guitar, TIM STARNES and GALEN BREEN on harp, KIM REICHLEY on bass, GIL GILLIS on dobro, and MARY HOLMES, ALLISON RUPERT and RHONDA PORTER on background vocals.

Having listened to this CD many times before writing the review, I now truly understand what E G was alluding to as she stated that "This CD would be a little different". On the other hand, in many ways, this CD was no different from her contained the same superior song writing, the same superior musicianship, the same outstanding vocal achievements and the same charm as all of her other CD's.

E G, any time you feel like doing something 'different', you have the Blewzzman's blessings.

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