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The Work In Progress Band
The Work In Progress Band
"Out of the Blues"


The Work in Progress Band has been playing the blues together for over ten years now, and "Out Of The Blues" is the second release for this Atlanta based Blues, Funk & Soul Band. Their members include: John Marshall on Guitar, Nashid Abdul on Bass, Pete Peterson on Vocals, Ben Irvin on Drums & Background Vocals, and Royal Joiner on Keyboard. Other contributors on this project are Steve Cohen on Drums, Billy Wallace on Piano, Carl Culpepper on Guitar, and Shirley Diamond and Falencia Harris on Background Vocals.

Although it sounds like something that would make most of us happy, Pete seems down as he sings the words "I Have Blues In My House". It's quite apparent that he's singing about an ornery women and not about a music genre. This track features some hot guitar licks from John, great piano solos by Billy and outstanding vocals from Pete - who's voice was made for singing the blues.

There's no doubting him when Pete says "I'm A Bluesman". Hearing him sing this track validates that statement.

"Out Of the Blues" is a fast paced instrumental that's pretty much all about John and his guitar. With the rhythm guys providing some heat, John just smokes it from beginning to end. Great stuff!

There's no better way to get rid of them than to "Dance The Blues Away". And on this one, the rhythm that Nashid and Ben are providing will make you want to do just that. They're at discs best here.

With the emotion that Pete puts into his vocals, you can almost feel what he's feeling for this "Dark Eyed Cajun Women". Highlights on this one are strong keyboard work by Royal, funky bass from Nashid and absolutely perfect vocals from Pete. One of the discs best.

Other tracks on "Out Of The Blues", of which eight are originals, include: "Dimebag Of Your Love", "She's A Work In Progress", "One Woman", "When The Blues Come Knockin", and "Young Bob Blues".

Before closing, here's an anecdote I'd like to share with you. When I first looked at the picture of the band on the CD cover, it reminded me of my days in the hood. I found myself thinking that it wouldn't be fun to run into these guys down a dark alley . That would be a mess in progress. Having grown up in a "wise guy" riddled area of Brooklyn, NY, I thought I recognized these thugs. Then, at the bands web site, there was same picture with the caption "What A Motley Crew". Amen! When they make "The Sopranos" movie, these guys need to be in it. If you want a better look, go to Since you're there, pick up the disc and tell the guys the Blewzzman says hello......SIRS!

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @

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Bobby "Blackhat" Walters
"Wall Street Blues"
2 Disc CD & DVD Set
Gem Recording and Production


This is the second time in less than a year that we've had the pleasure to work with Bobby "BlackHat" Walters. His new release "Wall Street Blues" is a double disc set that contains a CD and a DVD. I'll tell ya a bit about the DVD a little later, but let's get to the music first.

On the CD part of this package, Bobby "BlackHat" Walters on Lead Vocals & Harmonica is joined by Larry Berwald on Guitar & Background Vocals, Von Jose' Roberts on Bass & Background Vocals, Eric Shaw on Keyboards & Background Vocals, Dennis Wage on Keyboards, Jim Kolacek on Drums & Percussion and Randy Burt on Saxophone. Walters and Berwald are also writers and co-writers of all tracks.

The disc opens with the quite topical title track, "Wall Street Blues". It's a slow, sullen sounding song about an equally sullen topic. The way Bobby sees it, it didn't matter if you voted Obama or McCain, everybody's feeling the pain. It's a depressing song about depressing times sung in a depressing tone. The lyrics and the vocals are this tracks highlights.

Ok, time to snap out of that mood and put your dancin' shoes on and there's no better way to do that than with the "BlackHat Boogie". This one rips. Bobby's tearin' it up on harp & sounding real happy on the vocals, the rhythm guys are jammin', and as usually is the case when there is a song with "Boogie" in the title and a piano player in the band - the piano player is "Boogieing" on piano.

"Put On Your Red Shoes", and while you're at it, a straw hat too. Then suck down a few rum runners and look for a limbo bar. That's what this track made me want to least the rum runners part. Jim's drum & percussion along with Dennis Wage on organ highlight this hot island sounding number.

She's my "Honey Biscuit" and I'm her jelly jam. Sounds like a tasty relationship to me. This all too short track features some very great piano playing and excellent vocals and harp blowin' by Bobby. I could have handled a few more minutes of this.

"Crying In The Shower" is a soft, slow, and beautiful blues ballad. It's highlighted by Bobby's emotional vocals, Randy's intense saxophone solos and Larry's scorching blues guitar. This is the kind of stuff that lights my blues fire. For sure one of the discs best.

Other tracks on "Wall Street Blues", which offers a variation of many types of blues, include: "I Think, You Think", "Oh Baby, Oh Baby", "Memphis", "The Blues Ain't Got Me", "I Didn't Do Enough" and "Old Cold Bones".

The DVD, which is part of this double disc package, is sort of a triple treat. It's a live recording of a Bobby "BlackHat" Walters performance at Goodfellas in Hampton, VA. The disc features a lot of the songs from Bobby's first CD - "You Changed Your Mind Again".

You can check Bobby out by going to While you're there, make sure you pick up a copy of "Wall Street Blues". It's a heck of a lot of entertainment for your dollar. And, as the title track sings about, now is when you need it most. BTW, tell BlackHat Blewzzman sent ya.

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @

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Alex Dixon
Andre Bisson
"Rhythm And Blues Experience"


If soulfully sung blues, backed up by hot rhythm, with a full, and very funky, horn section do the trick for you, then "Rhythm And Blues Experience" by Andre Bisson will surely work some magic for you.

Backing up Andre on Vocals are: Mark Kelso on Drums, Collin Barrett and Marc Rogers on Bass, Dan Rodrigues on Guitar, Dave Murphy on Piano & B3 Organ, Jason Logue on Trumpet, John Johnson on Alto Sax, Steve Bijakowski on Tenor & Baritone Sax, and Rob Somerville on Trombone.

"Rhythm And Blues Experience" consists of nine Bisson originals and a cover of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold". The disc wasted no time getting my limbs in motion and in no time at all, "Free Ride Blues" had me funkified. Everyone's in on this one. Mark, Collin and Dave on rhythm are perfectly fanning the fire that's coming from the horns, while Dan adds to the heat with some very hot licks on guitar. Great first impression.

From beginning to end, Dave's fancy piano playing sets - and maintains - the fast pace on "I'm Leaving". With the rhythm and horn sections locked into a smooth and relaxed groove, he - along with Andre's singing - highlight this one.

The movers and the shakers will pack the dance floor once "Four Shots" starts to play. This swingin' tune features hot rhythm and great piano & guitar highlights, along with several sharp alto sax and trumpet solos from John & Jason.

On this very slow and soulful ballad, Andre's wishing he had "One More Chance" at saving a failed relationship. It's not gonna happen and that's quite evident by the pain and sorrow in his voice. Andre is flawless on this obvious perfectly penned song for his voice. Of course, what always highlights torch songs of this type are the sultry saxophone highlights and Steve is all over them on this one, which is easily the discs best.

The fantastic horn section is most prominent on "I Gotta Move On". Together they're powerful and on their individual solos they're all sharp. There's an amazing 90 second stretch of this track that features the rhythm guys backing a lead change between the tenor sax and the B3 Organ that's phenomenal. This is one hell of an ensemble Bisson has put together.

Other tracks on "Rhythm And Blues Experience" include: "Hooked On Love", "I Gotta Feelin", "Heart Of Gold", "Slave To Your Love" and "One More Gig".

Check Andre Bisson out at If, as I said earlier, Soul & Funky Blues are your bag, then you're gonna want to get your hands on this disc - and that's the place to do it. You're also gonna tell him Pete the Blewzzman sent ya, right?

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @

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Alex Dixon
The Alex Dixon Band
"Rising From The Bushes"


This is the second project from Alex Dixon and Dixon Landing Music that Mary4Music is proud to be involved with. Between the quality of the music I'm hearing, the information on future projects included in the attached press releases and the whole concept that this company represents, I know there are going to be many more.

Although it's difficult, I'm going to suppress the urge to tell you all about this recording company's mission and it's founder's biography. As exciting as it is, I'll just advise you to go to and read for yourself just what it is that's got me so pumped up. In the meantime, let me tell you about the disc.

Besides a few words from Grandpa Willie Dixon to open and close the disc, the players on "Rising From The Bushes" have collectively played with Willie, Koko, B B, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Ray Charles, Robert Cray, Bettye LaVette, Eric Clapton, Steve Miller and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Those stars are: Alex Dixon on Keyboards & Piano; James Gadson and Alvino Bennet on Drums; Gerald Johnson on Bass & Vocals; Alan "B B Chung King" Mirikitani on Guitar & Vocals; Marcy "Marcella Detroit" and David Dills on Vocals; Michael Fell on Harmonica.

After Willie Dixon reminds us that "Blues is the roots of all American music", the disc opens with "Fantasy". This one's a great mix of blues styles. With the rhythm guys in somewhat of a funky groove, it features serious, soulful blues vocals from Marcy and scorching riffs of Chicago blues guitar from Alan.

One of the hottest tracks on the disc is a cover of one of grandpa's songs - "Down In The Bottom". This one flat out smokes and everyone is totally jammin' throughout. The discs best guitar, piano and rhythm work can all be heard right here.

It's the bandleaders time to shine on "My Suspicious Mind". From start to finish, Alex's extraordinary piano work is highlighted. Of course, Alan gets in some great guitar licks and does an absolutely superb job with the vocals.

It's quite interesting the way the vocal duties are passed around on this project. What's even more interesting is how on each track, the designated vocalist sings their heart out. On "Find A Way To Live", it's Gerald's turn and he's obviously up for the task. If soulful vocals light your fire, this one's gonna burn your house down. Great rhythm and piano on this one as well.

With the conviction with which he sings it, you can't help but believe him when David says "Everything's Gonna Be Alright". This is a wonderfully uplifting song, with great lyrics and an incredible vocal presentation. Alvino and Michael, on drums and harp, are both quite sharp on this one as well. Easily one of the discs best.

Other tracks on "Rising From The Bushes", which include eight Alex Dixon originals, are: "Lose Control", "Still In Love With You", "Paint You A Picture", "Spoonful", and "These Are The Times" .

The disc closes with Willie once again offering his thoughts. This time he says "The blues are just reaching it's peak and getting to where it should have been years ago". I don't know exactly when those words were originally spoken, but in this day and age if the blues ever does reach it's peak, just as Gramps was, Alex Dixon is going to be a part of it.

I already gave you the website, but it warrants repeating - Check it out. Make sure ya tell them you came to see what the Blewzzman's fussin' 'bout.

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues editor @

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Lino Muoio
Lino Muoio
"Blues On Me"


Although this artist's name may not ring a bell for you, in his homeland, Lino Muoio is a household name in the Italian blues community. The groups he's played in over the years have recorded nearly a dozen discs, played thousands of gigs, toured the European festival circuit and have appeared on Italian television shows.

"Blues On Me" is his first solo project and all of the eleven tracks are originals -Testi E Musica: Lino Muoio (Words and Music by Lino Muoio)- as it states in the liner notes. Joining the Italian Maestro, who plays Acoustic, Classical & Slide Guitars, Mandolin and Banjo, are: Guido Migliaro on Vocals; Stefano Piciorillo on Bass; Gabriele del Vecchio on Piano; Patrizio Buonaiuto on Drums; Massimo Furio on Harmonica; Mino Berlano and Francesco Miele on Bass & Double Bass; Mario Insenga on Vocals & Drums; and Gennaro Porcelli and Luigi Buono on Guitar. Phew.... I guess buying a vowel is out of the question.

"Consolation Blues" kicks things off and immediately establishes the fact that this fine group of Italian musicians has a handle on interpreting what the blues is all about. Lino Muoio is about as good as any modern day, front porch Guitar picker from the Delta that these ears have heard. Guido has a wonderfully melodic voice and Stefano and Patrizio were sharp and quick with the rhythm. This one had me snappin' and tappin' from start to finish.

Once you hear it, this track may not necessarily have you "Feelin' Down". As a matter of fact, if you dig the slow and low down dirty blues, "Feelin' Down" may actually have you feelin' good. Coming from a person who is not traditionally a fan of the Acoustic Guitar, these words should have a profound effect when I say that "the Acoustic Guitar work on this track is absolutely amazing". More good stuff from the same cast as above with some sharp Harp work from Massimo. Surely one of the discs highlights.

A lot of you will be able to relate to the lyrics on this one. It's a story about a hard working person who comes home at night then has to go back out to play in a blues band til the wee hours of the morning. You all know that situation is always known as "No Time Blues". Hmmm, how many "Amens" were just shouted?. Mino and Patrizio smoke it up on rhythm and Lino tears up a Mandolin and Banjo on this hot one.

None of the musicians can be accused of "Bad Job Blues" on this track. It features Mario sounding like a country blues veteran on Vocals while Lino, Genarro and Francesco form a formidable trio on Mandolino, Contrabasso and Chittara (Mandolin, Double Bass and Guitar).

As the expression goes, singing the blues requires "Paying Your Dues". From what I'm hearing, these guys paid them and they paid them well. This is good ol', Chicago Blues (minus the Electric Guitar) done perfectly. Lino, Mario and Francesco are at discs best on Guitar and rhythm on this one, which also features Gabriele smokin' up the keys. Another of the discs best.

I can't recall the last time - and for all I know, this could be the first time - that I've been this impressed with a disc featuring an Acoustic Guitar. Leave it to the Italians.

Ironically, in a conversation with Lino, he stated that "It's hard to play Blues if you're white and European so I've tried just to be myself and tell my own stories". To that I can now answer with this........."Lino, you were wrong about it being hard to play the blues if you're white and European because you nailed it my friend, and on top of that, your stories were interesting and told very well".

Other tracks featured on "Blues On Me" include: "Break Me Down", "Sunrise", "My Better Days", "Chinese Wood", "Roosevelt Stomp" and "Midnight Walk", which is a soothing three minute solo instrumental featuring Lino on Classical Guitar.

I'm recommending putting "Blues On Me" high on your "to buy" list. As a matter of fact, go to and do it right now. While you're there, tell Lino that the Blewzzman says "Grazie e buona fortuna a voi. Spero che un giorno avremo a rispondere, fino ad allora - buon blues a voi il mio amico".

Peter Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @

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NRG Band
Nicole Hart

Blues Leaf Records



I can't recall the last time I couldn't wait to sit down and start writing about a CD. Sure, the fact that the disc is killer always makes it exciting, but there's a lot more to why this one feels so special. A big part of it is that Nicole Hart and the NRG Band just blew me away this past Sunday at Earl's Hideaway in Sebastian, FL, and I'm excited that it will be happening again this Sunday at Springing the Blues in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Bring it on guys! Another part is the fact that Nicole and Lance, who I only met a year ago but already feel like they've been life long friends, are two of the best people one could ever hope to meet. Lance - this is for you buddy, stay strong................

Generally, Nicole and the guys are billed as Nicole Hart and the NRG Band. However, since there were many special guests on this project - her first for Blues Leaf Records - allow me to introduce the members to you as Nicole Hart and the Extra NRG Band. Joining Nicole, on Lead Vocals, Tambourine & Shaker are: Lance Ong on Piano, B3 Organ & Bass; Sonny Kenn, Ron Rauso and Marc Shulman on Guitar; Dan Mulvey, Nate Allen and Vonnie Hudson on Bass; Swami and Ian Carroll on Drums; Sandy Mack on Harp; and Albert Castiglia on Vocals and Lead Guitar.

As the opening track, "Can't Ever Let You Go", kicks off, slow and sultry guitar and piano notes are exchanged creating anticipation for the even more sultry vocals that you just know are about to come.....and they sure do. With the rhythm guys tightly, yet softly joined in, Nicole takes over and works her magic. As is usually the case, her range is absolutely magnificent.

It's quite interesting that on my review of Albert Castiglia's recent release, one of my favorite tracks was one on which Nicole did the background vocals. Label mate Albert returns the favor and joins Nicole on a perfectly harmonized duet titled "You Were Lyin' To Me". There's certainly a musical chemistry between these two. Of course, Albert's guitar work also makes this one a winner.

On this Stevie Wonder cover, Nicole is determined to reach a "Higher Ground". There's no questioning she will, but the way she belts this one out, I doubt she'll ever reach a higher note. As the track comes to a close, the notes she reaches and holds had me shaking my head in equal amounts of awe and disbelief. I kept thinking that at any second she was going to crack and screech. No way! She nailed it to the end. Knowing this woman's phenomenal vocal abilities, I'm betting it was done on the first take, as well. Lance on the B3, and whichever guitar player it is - Ron or Marc absolutely tear it up on this - the discs' most impressive track.

The title track is a song Nicole wrote for Lance - her "Treasure". This love songs' lyrics were obviously written from the heart and performed that way as well. If you're ever lucky enough to see her sing it to him at a live show, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Vonnie, Ian and Lance provide some of the discs' best rhythm on this one.

On this particular track, besides "Singing The Blues", Nicole demonstrates one of the best voices and best vocal ranges in the business. Remember these words when sometime in the near future you see her walking up to the podium to pick up a Blues Music Award.

Other tracks on "Treasure" include "Heart Trouble", "No Cuttin' Loose", "I Just Want To Cry", "Gin House Blues", "It Feels So Right" and "Other Side of the World".

If you keep a "to do" list, grab it right now and add - in capital letters and underlined - SEE NICOLE HART & THE NRG BAND to it. To say the shows are full of eNeRGy is an understatement. In addition to being stunning to look at, Nicole is equally stunning to watch perform. In the meantime, while you're waiting for her to pass through your area, go to and pick up a disc. And remember, tell her that Pete the Blewzzman...... oh never mind, I'll just tell her myself on Sunday.

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @

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Alabama Blues Machine
Alabama Blues Machine
"Must Be Love"

R2 Records


I love the feeling I get when I hear the first notes of a new disc from a band I've never heard of, and those notes - as a smile appears on my face - have me thinking I'm going to like what I'm about to hear. Occasionally, first impressions can be deceiving, but that was not the case with "Must Be Love", by the Alabama Blues Machine. They nailed it on this disc.

As with all machines, it's reliable and quality parts that make it run smooth, and the parts that do that for the Alabama Blues Machine are: Bruce Andrews, Lead Vocals & Harp; Ross Roberts, Lead Guitar; Clay Swafford, Keyboards; John Jackson, Bass; Lewis Ross, Drums; Mike Lingo, Trombone; Rick White, Trumpet; John Remley, Saxophone; Maggie "Blue" Glass, Background Vocals. The disc is the first for the band and it consists of seven, all original tracks.

Those earlier mentioned very impressive first notes came from "Hindsight", the smokin' opening track. This one features the whole band and they were all up to the task. With everyone getting in some hot licks, while in a track long jam behind them, Bruce and Ross belt out some scorching blues on vocals and guitar.

"Clay's Boogie" is a fast and furious instrumental that should not be listened to by the faint of heart or while operating a motor vehicle. I can't imagine anyone listening to this number and maintaining control of their body parts - mine seemed to have minds of their own. This one features the horn and rhythm sections wildly kickin' some ass. Because it's a way too short two minute track that I wanted to hear about thirty minutes of, I literally played it over about fifteen times. I'd buy this disc just to hear this one. PHEW!

"Double "R" Shuffle" is another short and sweet one. The Double R refers to Ross Roberts, the songs' writer and featured artist. This instrumental has the guys jamming hard behind him while he does his thing on lead guitar. More good stuff right here.

"Black Widow Baby" features Ross and Bruce once again working their magic, with some great rhythm from John and Lewis to back them up. These four are all at discs best right here. More highlights include Maggie's background vocals and sultry whispers and moans. I would have loved hearing her on more of the tracks.

It's interesting that the closing track describes what "Must Be Love", has been doin' since the opening track, - "Rockin' Me Baby". This one happens to be one of the longest tracks on the disc, and when these guys are in the groove they're constantly in, that's a good thing. Midway through the song, the piano and horn section team up and what they do together may very well be the discs highlight.

Other tracks on what I am calling one of the front runners for the 2009 Blewzzy Award - "Must Be Love" , include the title track, "Must Be Love" and "LaQuita".

Although the members of the Alabama Blues Machine all have impressive individual resumes, as a group they have not been together all that long. It's this writers opinion that should this ensemble stay intact, there's no question they will be a force to be reckoned with in the blues world. I'm looking forward to hearing lots more from the Alabama Blues Machine.

Check the band out at and be sure to tell them you stopped by to see what the Blewzzman is fussin' about. While you're there, do yourself a big favor and grab a copy of "Must Be Love".

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @

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John Primer
"Devil Keep Chewin'


Other than a few personnel coming and going, BLUEBONE hasn't changed much since I reviewed their last CD back in `05. As I recall, inventiveness was one of the things that impressed me most about this band back then, and that trait is once again quite evident on "DEVIL KEEP CHEWIN". The band calls this, their fourth disc, "a compilation of the struggles of life - the good, the bad, the temptation, the triumph and of course, the humor."

The heart and soul of BLUEBONE are JAY BETHEL on guitars, lead vocals, background vocals, & Hammond organ and VAN BURRISS on bass, lead vocals, background vocals & percussion. Together, they are also the authors of the discs eleven original tracks. Also featured are THOMAS "TEE-JAY" JEFFERSON, ED ZATZARINY & PAT MARTUCCI, all on drums, THE KETEL ONE SINGERS, on background vocals & handclaps, and special guest GEORGE MESTERHAZY on piano.

The disc opens with the title track, "DEVIL KEEP CHEWIN". This fast paced swinger - similar to a term made popular by a very famous horse race - was the fastest three minutes in music. After several listens, I still found myself shaking my head at the end. Reason being, I wanted so much more I thought I missed some. The guitar work is amazing, and the rhythm - with PAT leading the way on this one - is scorching. You'll be pressed to believe you were only listening to three pieces.

This track could easily describe an era from my past life - "40 YEARS IN BARS". Man, time does fly when you're having a good time. It's a cleverly written track about JAYS longevity as a member of a working bar band. As the lyrics state, "I've seen everything that there is to see, 40 years in bars has been good to me." Sounds to me like a book or a movie could be next. Where do I go for casting? Great vocal harmony, piano playing and a tight groove led by "TEE-JAY" highlight another excellent track. You'll be wanting to sing-a-long with this one.

Musically, the best track on the disc may very well be the only cover - a Sonny Boy Williamson song called "EARLY IN THE MORNING". It's a slow bluesy number with VAN and ED in a slow, smooth groove on rhythm and a mind blowing 2 minute guitar lead by JAY.

"HAPPY DAMN BIRTHDAY" is another clever and very humorous track that will also have you wanting to sing-a-long. However, when you do, you may just be tempted to sing it as "Happy Damn Birthday, Yee Haw". This is good ol' honky tonk blues right here.

Listening to this song will make you one "HAPPY CAT". It's another fast and furious smoker that will get you rockin' & rollin'. This time it's ED on drums and he VAN provide some of the discs best rhythm. Definitely one for the replay button.

If you're looking to "PARTY TONIGHT", or any other night for that matter, put this track on, turn up the volume and watch the dance floor fill up. This is the kind of stuff that "DEVIL KEEP CHEWIN" is all about. It's been stifling trying not to sound redundant, but on most of these tracks, BLUEBONE is a power trio and that means constant serious rhythm, hot guitar licks and good vocals. What ya hear is what ya get.


If you've got any blues in your bones - and I know you do, click on over to and check out BLUEBONE. Please make sure to tell them Blewzzman sent you, and his regards.

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @

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John Primer
John Primer
"All Original'

Blues House Productions


There's a lot more to JOHN PRIMER'S latest release than the ear may hear. His latest project is in indeed just that - A PROJECT. "ALL ORIGINAL" is a dream come true for JOHN. The CD is his first on his very own record label - BLUES HOUSE PRODUCTIONS - and it's the beginning of a new mission in his life. JOHN is now focusing on writing, producing, cataloging his own music, teaching young musicians and sharing his experiences with the world. As far as the writing and producing - and let me throw in the performing - from what I'm listening to, JOHN PRIMER is off to a hell of a start.

On "ALL ORIGINAL", JOHN PRIMER, on vocals and guitar, is joined by: MELVIN "HARMONICA" HINES guessed it - harmonica; DAVID ROSS on piano and organ; MICHAEL MORRISON on bass; VERNON RODGERS on drums.

Setting the record straight, JOHN'S new path does not include reinventing the blues. "ALL ORIGINAL", is twelve original tracks of the good ol', straight up, in your face, Chicago Blues we all know and love him for. "ADD A LITTLE TOUCH", the discs opening track will attest to that. This one features the kind of rhythm, from MICHAEL & VERNON, that thoughtlessly gets your fingers and feet playing along with the bass and the drums. DAVID's hot organ, and as you'd expect from JOHN - great vocals and guitar, also highlight this one.

Sounding like he may be a bit homesick, JOHN seems to be looking very forward to "GOING BACK TO MISSISSIPPI". On this tribute to his home state, the groove the guys were in before is still goin' on. More great guitar, piano and hot harp licks from MELVIN make this another smoker.

As I'm listening to "EVERYDAY BRINGS BY A CHANGE" I find myself thinking I can't be listening to "young musicians in the process of learning". It sounds to me like JOHN'S got a bunch of seasoned veterans working with him here. On this one, MELVIN, DAVID, MICHAEL and VERNON are all on top of their game.

On "BAD CHILD", JOHN showcases his excellent slide guitar skills. This is another smoker with everyone basically in jam mode. DAVID could very well be at discs best on keyboards and the rhythm guys are - as they have been on all the tracks - absolutely phenomenal.

"KEEP ON LOVIN' THE BLUES" are words that JOHN won't have to tell me twice. On this one he describes how blues knocked on his door at the age of four. Of course, he fell in love with them and locked the door behind them. This is the song that JOHN usually ends his live shows with. It seems he wants to send people home remembering that "the blues will never lose it's cool." AMEN! MELVIN shines on this one.

It doesn't get much better than "AT HOME ALONE". This is a real slow blues burner, which automatically makes it my personal favorite. The guys are doing just what makes this kind of a song perfect - staying in a precise, soft, bluesy groove behind him, and letting JOHN just run away with it. His soulful vocals are intense and his blues guitar is incredible. This is the kind of stuff I can listen to all night long. Even at over six minutes, I still hit replay button several times.


According to the liner notes, "This is only the beginning and more all original CD'S are on the way". From what I just heard, all I can say is "Bring 'em on, JOHN". You can pick up "ALL ORIGINAL" by going to Make sure you do two things - buy the disc and tell him Pete the Blewzzman told ya all about it.

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @

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