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    Wooden Magnets and Gift Sets


Click the image for a larger viewWooden Music Themed Magnets - $45.99 (Free Shipping)
Item# MAG5Pack

Handcrafted Wooden Magnets Set. You will receive one of each of the magnets shown in the picture to the right, for a total of five magnets. Includes 1 each of: Guitar, Note & Keyboard, Saxophone, Violin, and Treble Clef. These magnets make a great gift for you or your child's music teacher or your favorite musicians. Think how cool it would be to carry a bunch with you to live shows and drop one or two in the bands tip jar. FREE SHIPPING!

Music Theme MagnetsWooden Treble Clef Magnet - $11.49 (Free Shipping)
Item# MAGGClef1

Handcrafted Wooden G (Treble) Clef Magnet
Measures: 4" L x 2" W. FREE SHIPPING!

Guitar MagnetWooden Guitar Magnet - $11.49 (Free Shipping)
Item# MAGGuitar1

Handcrafted Wooden Guitar Magnet
Magnet measures: 4" L x 2" W. FREE SHIPPING!

Click the image for a larger viewWooden Violin Magnet - $11.49 (Free Shipping)
Item# MAGViolin1

Handcrafted Wooden Violin Magnet
Magnet measures: 5" L x 2" W. FREE SHIPPING!

Music MagnetWooden Music Note & Keyboard Magnet - $11.49 (Free Shipping)
Item# MAGNoteKeyboard1

Handcrafted Wooden Note & Keyboard Magnet
Magnet measures: 4" L x 2" W. FREE SHIPPING!

Sax magnetsWooden Saxophone Magnet - $11.49 (Free Shipping)
Item# MAGSax1

Handcrafted Wooden Saxophone Magnet
Magnet measures: 4" L x 1" W. FREE SHIPPING!

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