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George's Music "Springing the Blues"
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
April 3-5, 2009

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Thanks once again to George Hines, Owner of George's Music and sponsor of the event, and Sam Veal, promoter of the event, for putting on another wonderful, talent filled, free blues festival. Next year will be the twentieth anniversary and I'm already looking forward to attending. Good job guys.

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The great Eddie Shaw smokin' that sax

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A very happy looking "Shorty". I guess it's been a good 30 years for him as Eddie's bassist

JAX 076.jpg - 28221 Bytes
One cool looking guitar for one very cool looking guitarist - Eddie Shaw Jr. This was my first exposure to this very talented guitarist and he totally blew me away. One of the best I've ever seen.

JAX 087.jpg - 32763 Bytes
Eddie Shaw looking statuesque as he belts out some blues

JAX 090.jpg - 28049 Bytes
Lucky Peterson, a towering blues inferno

JAX 098.jpg - 24717 Bytes
"Eye Popin" Peterson literally laying down on the edge of the stage

JAX 099.jpg - 25967 Bytes
Lucky, lookin' like he's gettin' lucky, as he dances in the crowd

JAX 118.jpg - 28365 Bytes
Robin Rogers rockin' out some blues

JAX 125.jpg - 36052 Bytes
Nicole Hart & The NRG Band - Sean Villere, Guitar; the absolutely beautiful Nicole Hart on Vocals and Various Gyrations,
Ian Carroll, Drums; Justin Goldner, Bass

JAX 124.jpg - 27096 Bytes
Nicole giving a little support to Daniel Mensch on Keyboards

JAX 127.jpg - 32866 Bytes
Nicole Hart looking and sounding absolutely stunning

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