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Springing the Blues
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
April 4-6, 2008

Blues Line

Nick Moss
2008 BMA nominee, Nick Moss

Nick Moss
Nick Moss broadly smiling for the camera

Willie_Oshawny.JPG - 28969 Bytes
Willie Oshawny - one of Nick Moss' Flip Tops - poppin' those keys.....and veins

Willie Oshawny
Showing his versatility, Willie Oshawny now playing bass

Speaking of versatility, another Flip Top - Gerry Hundt (who plays anything in a music store) on the Mandolin

Jason Ricci
Jason Ricci blowin' fire through the harp

Shawn Starsky
Remember this name because as this young man gets the recognition he deserves, you'll start seeing it on BMA ballots - Shawn Starsky - guitarist extrordinaire for Jason Ricci and New Blood

Intrepid Artists
Shawn Starsky & Jason Ricci hamming it up with the people that keep them working - the staff of Intrepid Artists

Cephas Wiggins
The always amazing and awesome Cephas & Wiggins

Shane Dwight
Shane Dwight - Do you think he was into it? You're damn right he was!

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