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Springing the Blues
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
April 4-6, 2008

Blues Line

Color Guard
Color Guard from U. S. Naval Station, Mayport, FL proudly displaying the American Flag as Teague Stefan plays the National Anthem during the opening ceremony of "Springing the Blues - 2008". Although it wasn't the blues this was my favorite song of the festival.

Ed Cotton
Ed Cotton of Ed Cotton and the Smashed Ramblers

Nicole Hart
Nicole Hart, the equally talented and beautiful lead singer of the NRG Band

NRG Band
Nicole Hart strutting her stuff as Bobby Messano tears it up on guitar

Lance Ong
Lance Ong going to town on the "Keytar"

Nicole Hart sashaying it up for her beau, Lance

Nicole Blewzzman
Nicole Hart and Blewzzman putting big smiles on each others faces - watch out Lance

Eric Steckel
Young Eric Steckel, while shy of 18 is already a 5 year veteran at blues festivals

Teague Stefan
Teague Stefan, a name you could easily be hearing a lot of someday

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