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2006 Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival

June 2-4, 2006, Red Bank, New Jersey

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Red_Bank_Blues 008.jpg - 30722 Bytes
A very happy looking T J WHEELER

Red_Bank_Blues 006.jpg - 42924 Bytes
No, it's not a lineup, it's Rick Fink (second from left) and his Gas House Gorillas

Red_Bank_Blues 013.jpg - 21406 Bytes
A swinging Rick Fink

Red_Bank_Blues 009.jpg - 29079 Bytes
A couple of the Gorilla gassing it up.

Red_Bank_Blues 015.jpg - 17116 Bytes
ROXY PERRY showing why she's the "new York Blues Queen"

Red_Bank_Blues 016.jpg - 18707 Bytes
ROXY and her right hand DAVE FIELDS

Red_Bank_Blues 018.jpg - 18045 Bytes
ROXY PERRY as the "Queen of Harps"

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