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Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers
at the Sebastian Beach Inn
Florida, April 2008

IMG_0020.jpg - 33822 Bytes
Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers
Rod on Harp, Honey Piazza on piano, Henry Carvajal on guitar, Dave Kida on drums

IMG_0008.jpg - 20099 Bytes
Rod belting out some scorching and soulful blues

IMG_0007.jpg - 21219 Bytes
Rod doing what he does best - tearing it up on harp

IMG_0014.jpg - 30628 Bytes
The always beautiful and always smiling Honey Piazza smokin' up the piano - as always

Img_0040.jpg - 23797 Bytes
Rod putting a smile on his Honey's face

IMG_0019.jpg - 32376 Bytes
Dave Kida beating up some beat

Img_0022.jpg - 32565 Bytes
Henry Carvajal stinging the guitar strings

Img_0045.jpg - 28090 Bytes
The usually subdued Rod Piazza playing for tables - on the tables

IMG_0046.jpg - 30408 Bytes
A very happy Tina boogieing along with Rod

IMG_0011.jpg - 25372 Bytes
Henry and Honey jamming away

Img_0042.jpg - 31199 Bytes
The beautiful hands of a beautiful woman, who's a beautiful person, making beautiful music

IMG_0048.jpg - 26493 Bytes
A great friend of the Blewzzman and a great supporter of the Blues, Tina L. with Rod

Img_0049.jpg - 25759 Bytes
Two ladies of the blues - master pianist Honey Piazza and fanatical fan Tina L.

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