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2005 W.C. Handy Award Photos
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Kenny Neal
Kenny Neal with his fiance' and friends enjoying a laugh while Guitar Shorty enjoys the Jam.

Koko Taylor
There were two Queens at this jam.
The "Queen of the Blues", Handy nominee and winner, Miss Koko Taylor
and Blewzzman's Queen - Rose, aka "Mrs. Blewzzman"

Janiva Magness and Andra Faye
The jam was full of blues babes - here's two - Janiva Magness and Andra Faye, both Handy nominees

Michele Lundeen
Pete the Blewzzman and Blues Diva Michele (with one L) Lundeen

Watermelon Slim
No, that's not Laurel and Hardy or Abbot and Costello.
It's Blewzzman and his new friend Watermelon Slim smiling it up at the Pre Handy Cocktail Party.
Click here for an interview Pete did with Handy nominee Slim

Robert Lockwood, Jr. and Little Milton
Two blues legends and eternal nominees, Robert Lockwood, Jr. and Little Milton.
Think they're asking each other for an autograph?

Jesse Mae Hemphill
"Traditional Blues Female Artist of the Year" nominee Jesse Mae Hemphill.
She wasn't about to go lookin' for a hound dog at this party, she brought her own.

Andra Faye and Pat Pepin
This group, The "Bountiful Buxom Blues Babes Blues Band" didn't win any awards,
but they sure look like they are having fun. Actually they are (L to R)Mrs. Blewzzman Rose,
Handy Nominee for "Best Instrumentalist - Other" Andra Faye (mandolin) and Pat Pepin

Barbara Blue
Pete the Blewzzman with the lovely and bluesy Barbara Blue

Bobby Rush
"Oh My God you two, knock it off".
Mrs. Blewzzman and Bobby Rush really got into this pose. Bobby must love Roses.

Diunna Greenleaf
Miss Diunna Greenleaf, the IBC winner, entertaining everyone at the cocktail party.

Bob Margolin
Performing during the Awards Ceremony are "Traditional Blues Male Artist of the Year"
nominee Hubert Sumlin and "Best Blues Instrumentalist - Guitar" nominee and winner Bob Margolin

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Click HERE to read The Blewzzman's Review of this special night!

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