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"Main Squeeze Citrus Festival" Photos
Festival sponsored by The Fort Pierce Jazz Society
February 28, 2004

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Lincoln Park Academy Jazz Band
Lincoln Park Academy Jazz Band
The future of jazz is in excellent hands with these high school musicians

Rick Hubbard
Rick Hubbard entertaining some of the festivals younger crowd

Blues guitarist Albert Castiglia
Blues guitarist Albert Castiglia (Ka-Steel-Ya), former lead guitarist for
the late blues legend Junior Wells, putting on his usual scorching show.

Ossie Wright And The Groove Masters
Jazz Funk Fusion Aficionados Ossie Wright And The Groove Masters

Tito Puente Junior
Latin Jazz Maestro Tito Puente Junior, successfully following the footsteps
of his late great dad - Tito Puente

Kenny Neal & Deborah Coleman
Kenny Neal And Deborah Coleman getting down and bluesy

Deb Coleman
Deborah Coleman performing one of her hot blues solos

Kenny Neal
Kenny Neal joining members of the Treasure Coast Blues Alliance,
Bob "Cougar" Whitt and Elaine Romano, for some dancing in the streets

Kenny Neal
Kenny Neal and Treasure Coast Blues Alliance member
Tina Livio getting up close and personal (at least that's what Tina is hoping).

Kenny Neal
Kenny Neal putting the moves on Maureen and it looks like she is loving it.
Watch out Vern - Kenny is a lot cuter, younger and richer than you are

Beautiful Bobby Blackmon
Beautiful Bobby Blackmon "shining" on blues guitar

Beautiful Bobby Blackmon
Beautiful Bobby Blackmon in his first Treasure Coast performance
was a big hit with the local blues crowd

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