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    Blues Articles

How To Have A Wonderful Weekend In Orlando....
Without The Rodent And The Mammal

Try telling your friends that you are going to Orlando for the weekend and I guarantee you'll here some of these......."Oh, are you going to see Mickey"?......"Oh cool, which theme park are you going to"?........ "Man it's hot up there in August, you must be going to Blizzard Beach?"....... "Wow, you gonna go to MGM or Universal"?..... "Make sure you go to Sea World, it's a blast"!

Well, to all those remarks I've got one thing to say... "FUHGGEDDABOWDIT"! I recently discovered a way to have a wonderful weekend in Orlando without the rodent and the mammal. So the next time you want to go to Orlando and have a great time, let me tell you what to do - forget about Mickey and Shamu too.

Just click on to - - home of the ORANGE BLOSSOM BLUES SOCIETY and you'll find all the blues you need. Ya see, there's no need to spend two weeks of your hard earned salary or stand on line for three hours in the hot sun, there are much better ways to get the blues in Orlando. On my particular weekend trip, both Friday and Saturday night, I found over a half dozen blues acts to choose from. Not to mention the several blues jams that take place on Sunday afternoons.

ZAIDA ZOLLER, President of the ORANGE BLOSSOM BLUES SOCIETY and LARRY "THE ICEMAN" EISENBERG of FRONT OF THE HOUSE PRODUCTIONS both deserve kudos for their individual and combined efforts to add a 'Blues Theme" to this city that's known for it's theme attractions. Names like KIM WILSON, CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE, MARK HUMMEL, MEM SHANNON, BRYAN LEE and others have recently or will be soon appearing, because of the efforts of these two individuals and their organizations. In addition to that, many of the local bands such as BEAUTIFUL BOBBY BLACKMON, CATS IN THE HOUSE, DEUCES WILD, EDDIE AND THE S.O.B.'s, KING MUDDFISH, THE SMOKIN' TORPEDOS, THE TEAGUE STEFAN BAND, and countless others, have many venues that are happily providing them gigs.

My Friday night choice was catching BEATIFUL BOBBY BLACKMON at the CAPTAIN AND THE COWBOY. Having reviewed both of BOBBY's CD's, booked him in several festivals, and seen him perform at least a dozen times, I knew what I was in for. The place was literally packed and BOBBY did as he always does - kicked ass!. If you live in the area and haven't caught this act yet - make it a priority. It's not going to be too long before some national booking agent gets on to BOBBY and snatches him right out from under your noses.

Saturday night I joined the members of the OBBS at a show they hosted at MC WELLS. Appearing was a band from my former part of town - Ft. Lauderdale. It blew my mind that all the years I lived down there, I had never seen this band. However, now that I know better, I'll won't miss KING MUDDFISH many more times. These guys were hot. MIKE EDWARDS on Vocals, Lead, Slide and Harp, JOEL KOBELIN, on Bass, JERRY CREPEAU on Drums and DAN NEWMAN on Lead Guitar had the crowd hootin' and hollerin' with just the right mix of originals and MUDDY WATERS, HOWLIN' WOLF and DR. JOHN covers.

So, the next time you go to Orlando, don't get all freaked out about the long lines, don't take a second mortgage on the house, leave the kids with their Grandparents and don't even think about the rodent or the mammal. Just come get a dose of the blues.

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