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Celebration BBQ @ Billy Gibson's
2009 BMA Winner - "Instrumentalist - Harmonica"
May, 2009

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J T Lauritsen, who's usually smokin' up some blues with his band -
The Buckshot Hunters, shows he can smoke up some good BBQ as well.

BMA_2009 042.jpg - 47740 Bytes
(L-R) From the South Florida Blues Society - Dr. Mike and his lovely wife Karen,
BMA Winner and gracious host of the BBQ - Billy Gibson and our very own Blues Editor - Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro.

BMA_2009 043.jpg - 44855 Bytes
(L-R) Charlie Burch of Burch Entertainment Group, Guitarist Dave Fields and renowned Blues Writer, Art Tipaldi

BMA_2009 044.jpg - 37140 Bytes
(L-R) Betsie Brown of Blind Racoon, Bonnie Tipaldi and Richard Ludemere -
Contributing Writer at BluesWax and FolkWax and Vice President of The New York Blues and Jazz Society

BMA_2009 046.jpg - 31907 Bytes
(L-R) Photographer Jon Didier, Mrs. Eileen Ludemere and Blewzzman's better half, Blewzzlady Rose

BMA_2009 048.jpg - 45631 Bytes
Forget the Grey Poupon, please pass me the BMA.

BMA_2009 049.jpg - 47440 Bytes
(L-R) Billy Gibson, Blewzzman Pete and Dave Fields

BMA_2009 050.jpg - 20416 Bytes
Even the birds participated. In a nest on Billy Gibson's porch, a mother feeds her new born.
Nope, it wasn't a Blue Bird.

BMA_2009 052.jpg - 45327 Bytes
Two lovely ladies of the blues - Betsie Brown and Dar, from "Sunday Blues With Dar"

BMA_2009 054.jpg - 37831 Bytes
Billy Gibson admiring his new hood ornament

BMA_2009 059.jpg - 41925 Bytes
Dar and Billy "hangin' out" in Billy's newly decorated pick up.

BMA_2009 055.jpg - 32695 Bytes
Art Tipaldi, J T Lauritsen and Charlie Burch, probably talkin' 'bout the blues

BMA_2009 057.jpg - 46786 Bytes
No, this is not a group mug shot and we did not get arrested for disturbing the peace.
(If you look closely, you may notice the house leaning a bit)

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